Pregnancy Discrimination in the Middle Tennessee Workplace – A Growing Concern

Imagine this scenario: A female employee tells her boss at work that she is pregnant.  Her boss fires her after learning the news, even though she is still able to work for several more months. Sound unbelievable?  Unfortunately, things like this really do happen – right here, in Middle Tennessee. Cases of women being fired […]

Why the Best Middle Tennessee Staffing Plans are More than Just “Bandaids”

If your Middle Tennessee business faces serious workforce challenges: chronic turnover large fluctuations in business volume bad hires difficulty focusing on key priorities or meeting objectives …bringing in the occasional temporary is about as effective as using a band-aid to treat bullet wound. Using temporary employees for last-minute fill-ins is certainly important.  When a receptionist […]

Are You Misclassifying Your Employees? Beware of the Risks

Employee or independent contractor? That’s the question countless Middle Tennessee employers are forced to ask themselves.  But sometimes the answer is not clear-cut, because the rules governing worker classification are notoriously complex. As a responsible employer, however, it’s still your job to follow a proper vetting process and ensure you are correctly classifying independent contractors.  […]