Land the Best Job in Middle Tennessee: Here’s what NOT to wear on your interview

You’re smart.  Talented.  Experienced.  A true professional. But does your interview outfit reflect all these things? If not, you’re hurting your chances of landing your dream job.  Like it or not, an interviewer sizes you up quickly.  Within the first few minutes of meeting you, he’s already made important decisions about your candidacy – so […]

10 Performance Management Tips to Drive Your Bottom Line

Want to create top caliber performance in your organization? Who doesn’t?! Use these 10 tips to get people to stop making excuses and start delivering exceptional results: Stop accepting excuses. Are you too tolerant of excuses?  Don’t be.  An excuse means the job didn’t get done and accepting excuses allows failure to persist.  When you […]

Temporary Assignment Limits and Concerns About Benefits Liability

In the wake of historic employment litigation (e.g., Vizcaino v. Microsoft), some companies have adopted policies limiting assignment length for temporary and contract employees from staffing firms.  Why?  These employers view assignment limits as a way to protect themselves from the kind of “retro-benefits” claims Microsoft faced back in the 1990s. Unfortunately, these assignment limit […]