Make Your Middle TN Company a Great Place to Work by Promoting These 2 Things

Want more high-quality candidate referrals? Want to keep your employees happy, focused and giving their best effort every day? Want to wake up and actually look forward to going to work in the morning? Become a great place to work! Throughout Middle Tennessee, smart employers realize that positive, fulfilling workplaces enjoy a host of advantages, […]

Hiring Administrative Personnel? Ask these essential questions

  Hiring clerical or administrative personnel? You’re faced with a tough task. While some employers believe that hiring administrative staff is a cinch, identifying candidates who have the “whole package” – the right experience, job skills and personality traits to really thrive in your company – is a tall order. In an employment market where […]

4 Ways to Enhance Workplace Safety in Your Middle TN Organization

  Workplace safety is a key concern for any Middle Tennessee business. Whether you work in a 50-year-old office or a state-of-the-art production facility, accidents, illnesses and injuries can occur anytime. Over the past few years, we’ve written extensively on the topic of workplace safety. So today, we’ve gathered our best posts to help you […]

5 Ways to Leave Work Where it Belongs: at Work!

  All work and no play? That’s a sure-fire recipe for stress. Family time, leisure time and sound sleep are essential to keeping you balanced, focused and successful in your career. But if your mind is always occupied with work, it’s virtually impossible to recharge when you’re away. The result? Fatigue. Anxiety. Inability to “be […]

Have a Business Challenge That’s Tough as Wood?

We’ll cut it down to size! Regardless of your business or industry, it’s tough being an employer these days. Tight labor markets, increasing regulation and an unpredictable economy are just a few of the challenges you face, and it’s not likely to get easier any time soon. Wood Personnel is here to help. Intelligent use […]

Hiring in Middle TN? Don’t Over-Interview!

When it comes to interviewing job candidates, more is not always better. Interviewing a lot of applicants may give you a sense of confidence (a great new employee is bound to be somewhere in the bunch, right?). But when it comes to making the best hires, it’s seeing the RIGHT candidates that matters. So resist […]