Reasons Why Recognizing Employees Really DOES Matter

Does your company name an employee of the month? Do you formally recognize individuals and teams who go above and beyond the call of duty? Do you provide a pat on the shoulder and a sincere “Thank you” for a job well done? Or do you think that employee recognition is a waste of time? […]

Hire Smarter in Middle TN: HR compliance tips to improve background checks

Background checks used to be so simple. You’d just forward the applicant’s contact information to the background check company, receive a report, and then toss those resumes that came back with felony convictions. How things have changed! New laws and an extremely vigilant Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) have made background checks more complex and […]

Exit Interviews Can Combat Middle Tennessee Turnover Issues

Why do employees leave your company? Higher pay from competitors?  Issues with managers?  Mismatches between candidates and your company? Chances are, your reasons for employee turnover are as varied as the workers themselves.  Change is a constant in business and a certain amount of turnover is to be expected.  But if turnover is a chronic […]