To Pay or Not to Pay? On Call vs. Just-in-Time Employees

To Pay On Call Employees

Business is unpredictable. If your Middle Tennessee company is like most, it has its ups and downs. You might need “all hands on deck” at a moment’s notice, or just as suddenly find those same hands sitting idle. Just-in-time staff from Wood Personnel can help even out those highs and lows in your business, but […]

Dreading Your Busy Season? Here’s how to keep your sanity.

How to Keep Your Sanity During Busy Season | Wood Personnel Services

Seasonal surges are exciting for company leaders, especially when that surge in activity means additional revenue. But if you have any direct responsibility for staffing or employee management, you know that a big uptick also means exhausted workers. Unpredictable personnel budgets. And the very real possibility that this time around, you may not have the […]

Engaging Seasonal or Temporary Workers? 4 Tips to Get Them Up-to-Speed Quicker

  Are you ready for the rush? If the 2015 holiday season is anything like last year’s, employers will be hiring nearly three-quarters of a million seasonal or temporary workers to compensate for the holiday rush. By now, your Nashville business is probably familiar with the ways seasonal or contingent workers can help you manage […]

HR Policy: A Practical Approach to “Dress for Success”

  “All things in moderation” is great advice – especially when it comes to certain aspects of your HR policy. Dress code is a perfect example. If, for example, you work for a professional accounting firm, you probably operate in a relatively conservative environment. As a result, HR may enforce a comprehensive (and fairly restrictive) […]

Best Retention-Boosting Ideas for Young Workers

Employee turnover continues to be a major concern for Nashville employers. In fact, survey results show that 48% of employers list turnover as the chief reason they’re hiring. What’s fueling the problem? Demographically speaking, turnover is occurring for very different reasons. Baby boomers are rapidly retiring, while younger groups like millennials are changing jobs to […]

Is Your Middle TN Business Up-to-Speed on OSHA’s New Rules?

Keeping up with changes in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations is a tough, yet essential, part of running a successful business. Wood Personnel wants to make it a little easier for you! Today, we’re providing a brief informational review of OSHA’s new rules on recordkeeping, which went into effect on January 1, 2015. […]