The Reality of Temp Jobs: Debunking Common Myths

In today’s job market, temporary positions have become increasingly prevalent, offering unique opportunities for career growth. However, misconceptions surrounding temp jobs often deter individuals from exploring this avenue. We aim to debunk common myths associated with temporary employment, shedding light on the reality of temp jobs and their potential as strategic career moves. Dispelling the […]

Frustrated at Work? Don’t Complain; Do This Instead

Can’t remember your last raise? Annoyed by an obnoxious coworker who talks incessantly about themselves? Ready to hurl your broken desk chair out the window? You may be tempted to whine and complain – but that won’t get you anywhere. Complaining doesn’t work. It rarely has any positive effect. It antagonizes coworkers. And honestly, complaining […]

Go Ahead. Impress Me!

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Cliche? Maybe. True? Definitely – especially when you’re starting a new assignment or direct position. At work, first impressions matter – a lot! Supervisors and co-workers naturally size you up within the first few moments of meeting you, making snap judgments based on: the […]

Talkin’ Turkey: Foolproof Tips for Cooking that Bird

At Wood Personnel, we believe in doing things the right way. Our pursuit of excellence extends beyond the workplace – and into the kitchen! Here are our favorite tips for cooking an amazing turkey this Thanksgiving. Plan Ahead Cooking a turkey is a marathon – not a sprint. Make sure you build in extra time […]

The Keys to Getting a Job Promotion

Have you ever noticed that some people always seem to end up climbing the career ladder faster than everyone else?  While it could be because Mom or Dad is the boss, more than likely it’s because they work hard and follow these five tips: Always display a positive attitude. Your attitude can be a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you […]