Mastering the Modern Office Dress Code

Have an unlimited wardrobe budget and a professional stylist? Who does?! But frankly, you don’t need either. If you’re headed to an interview or angling for a promotion, you just need some sound advice. Below, we share our Cool Springs employment agency’s best tips for mastering the modern office dress code (without spending a fortune). […]

Great Ways to Make the Most of Your Staycation

It’s vacation time! But perhaps finances are a bit tight. Or, maybe a family member’s schedule is too hectic for them to take a full week off work. Heck, maybe the thought of packing and traveling just doesn’t appeal to you. None of these things should stop you from enjoying your vacation days. Jetting off […]

Interviewing for Middle TN Jobs? Steer clear of interviewer’s top 4 pet peeves

  Want to really drive your interviewer nuts? Of course not – you want the job! But sometimes, qualified candidates unwittingly ruin their chances by making small mistakes that irritate the hiring manager. How can you avoid those missteps? Today, Wood Personnel shares 4 pet peeves that can drive interviewers nuts – so you’re sure […]