Why Talking to Strangers is Good for Your Middle TN Job Search

If you want to boost your career prospects, you should talk to strangers – just make sure it’s the right kind of strangers. Approaching large, armed men in dark alleyways? Not good for your job search (or your safety). Introducing yourself to new professional contacts? That’s what we’re talking about! Whether you meet them through […]

Personality and Job Fit: Find the right position for your natural traits

Are you in the right job for your personality? The simple fact is, certain personality types naturally complement certain types of work. And when you work at a job that’s a great fit for you, you’re more likely to be happy, fulfilled in your work and successful. Today, Wood Personnel presents some common personality categories […]

Stuck in a Job Rut? Get Your Career Back on Track in Middle Tennessee

Tired of your same-old, hum-drum job? You’re in good company.  In fact, a recent VitalSmarts survey showed that a whopping 97 percent of employees reported they have a “Career-Limiting Habit” that holds them back from achieving their full potential.  Among others, these include: unreliability responding with “it’s not my job” procrastination resistance to change projecting […]