How to Recharge Over the Weekend to Ensure a Successful Monday

Checking in with Recruiter | Wood Personnel

After a busy week, you’re looking forward to the weekend to rest and recharge. There’s nothing worse than ending your weekend wishing you had more weekends because you were busy, busy, busy! Many of us have been faced with extra stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s important to get a relaxing break […]

Is your company culture featured in your employer brand? It should be!

Employee Career Path Planning | Wood Personnel

Have you taken the time to build an attractive company culture? If you can answer yes, and you have a clear understanding of what your culture is all about—it’s time to tell the world! By showcasing your culture and what it’s like to work for you, it will be easier to attract candidates whose values […]

Are you coasting by or taking necessary steps to develop your career?

Taking the Necessary Steps in Career Development

Are you getting comfortable in your career? It’s great to love what you do, but it’s also important to work towards goals. That way, you’ll always be satisfied and never feel as if you’re stagnating. Learning new things is one of the keys to happiness—and when you consistently set and achieve goals, it will help […]

Love in the Afternoon: How to Ignite a Passionate Culture in Your Workplace

Although office romances are on the rise, most HR experts and hiring managers would probably agree that they’re a bad idea.  Office affairs distract employees, leave a company open to sexual harassment complaints and complicate business relationships. But when it comes to the commitment of your employees, there is a place for passion in your […]

In Defense of the Phone Call

If you’re like most Middle Tennessee business professionals, you probably rely heavily on digital communication – texting, email, online chat, IMs and social media – to get work done.  The truth is, technology has made it easier than ever to communicate.  You can carry on multiple “conversations” at the same time, without ever seeing or […]

Is Your Resume Up to Snuff – Really?

Send a cover letter – no, wait – don’t send a cover letter. Lead off with an objective statement – scratch that – lead off with a list of accomplishments. Integrate your résumé with your social media profiles – or on second thought – keep the two separate. With so much résumé information available online […]