Wellness in the Warehouse: Balancing Health and Career in 2024

Wellness in the Warehouse: Balancing Health and Career in 2024 - Wood Personnel Services

In the bustling world of Middle Tennessee’s warehouses, the rhythm of activity is constant. As a warehouse worker, the demands on your physical and mental well-being can be significant. Balancing the pursuit of career goals with personal health is crucial for sustained success. In this article, we delve into practical strategies to promote wellness, offering […]

Work-Life Harmony: Strategies for Achieving Balance

Work-Life Harmony: Strategies for Achieving Balance - Wood Personnel Services

Work-life balance is the time you spend doing your job versus the time you spend with loved ones or pursuing personal interests. The more hours you work, the less time you have for personal pursuits. It’s no surprise that many people want to achieve greater work-life harmony. Here are strategies for achieving work-life balance in […]

Let’s Talk Polywork…What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Let's talk polywork...what is it and why should you care? - Wood Personnel

Polywork is the practice of taking on multiple jobs. It is not a new idea, but the opportunities to work for two or more employers are more plentiful now, thanks to working from home or hybrid. Some want to follow their interests, and others need extra money to pay the bills. Learn More About Polywork […]

The Key to Finding a Job With Culture That Fits Who YOU Are

The key to finding a great job with culture that fits who YOU are - Wood Personnel

As you search for a job, you understand the importance of having the right skills to match the job description. Indeed, skills and experience are essential for any job. However, being the right cultural fit and having values corresponding to the company’s values are equally important. Employers interview candidates with similar qualifications and choose those […]

How Might You Live “Better” in 2023?

How might you live "better" in 2023 - wood personnel services

Many of us start the year with big plans to improve our lives. Living a good life is something we desire. We want to be happy and healthy. We want to live better in 2023. Here are ways to do just that. Tips for a “Better” Life in 2023 Discover Meaning in Your Life This […]

What Does Gen Z Expect From Their Candidate Experience?

What does Gen Z expect from their candidate experience? - Wood Personnel Services

Generation Z is in the workforce. These workers are the oldest of those born in the mid-1990s. This generation is the most technologically experienced and racially diverse yet. This group has different expectations of work than previous generations, forcing companies to alter branding strategies to attract and retain these new employees. What exactly does Gen […]