Staffing Solutions

Need to meet tight deadlines? Looking to increase productivity without increasing overhead? Struggling to access specific skills? Put Wood Personnel to work for you.

People Are The Root Of Your Success

...and Wood Personnel Services is about “Just Good People.”

Good people to work with and good people to work for you.

Wood Personnel’s experienced recruiters are an extension of your HR team and partners in your success. We customize staffing solutions based on your specific challenges and goals while delivering awarding winning quality, consistency and support.

Placement Options


With our temp staffing services, you get the people with the skills you want, when you need them, for as long as you require. This is a great way to adapt to the challenges that come your way without increasing full-time payroll. 


Evaluate an employee for a specific amount of time, before extending an offer, to determine if they are a good fit for your company before hiring them full time. 

Direct Hire

Our direct hire recruitment services are the right solution when you prefer to hire the candidate directly onto your company’s payroll. While we do the legwork, you can focus on your business.  

If you are looking for a staffing and recruiting firm to provide you with industrial, administrative or professional employees in the Nashville, Columbia, Gallatin, Lebanon or Murfreesboro area contact the experts at Wood Personnel Services.