You Got It? Flaunt It!

Confident Woman Impressing Businesspeople

Are we suggesting you show off your killer dance moves at your next Middle Tennessee job interview? Maybe demonstrate your juggling prowess? Nope. We’re talking about flaunting your soft skills. Success in any job requires much more than task-specific skills; it takes soft skills, which are traits that allow you to work well as a… Read more »

How to Develop Soft Skills on the Job

They may be called “soft,” but make no mistake: Regardless of your industry or job function, soft skills are critical to getting hired – and succeeding once you’re on the job. Which soft skills do you need for your career? In this earlier post, we reviewed the soft skills commonly required for job success: Communication… Read more »

Teach Yourself a New “Trick”: Tips for Breaking Bad Habits – and Adopting Better Ones

Whether they affect our personal or professional life, most of us have bad habits we’d like to break: procrastinating when faced with an unpleasant task; spending money on impulse buys; snacking on junk food; overreacting when frustrated… …these are just a few examples. Most bad habits arise from stress and/or boredom; they exist because they… Read more »

Checking the Pulse of Middle Tennessee’s Employment and Economic Outlook

Wow – time sure does fly! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we last got a pulse on how the Nashville metro area is doing from an employment and economic perspective. A lot can change in a year’s time, so let’s take a look at the most recent data from the… Read more »

To Pay or Not to Pay? On Call vs. Just-in-Time Employees

To Pay On Call Employees

Business is unpredictable. If your Middle Tennessee company is like most, it has its ups and downs. You might need “all hands on deck” at a moment’s notice, or just as suddenly find those same hands sitting idle. Just-in-time staff from Wood Personnel can help even out those highs and lows in your business, but… Read more »

Dreading Your Busy Season? Here’s how to keep your sanity.

How to Keep Your Sanity During Busy Season | Wood Personnel Services

Seasonal surges are exciting for company leaders, especially when that surge in activity means additional revenue. But if you have any direct responsibility for staffing or employee management, you know that a big uptick also means exhausted workers. Unpredictable personnel budgets. And the very real possibility that this time around, you may not have the… Read more »

Hiring for Fit in Nashville

Hiring Best Employees in Nashville | Wood Personnel Services

How are cowboy boots and employees alike? Fit is critical! When it comes to determining how well boots fit, all you really need to do is try them on and walk around for a little while. But when it comes to assessing a candidate’s fit within your Middle TN organization, things are a bit more… Read more »

Interview Red Flags: Spot Them to Make Better Hires

Let’s be honest – in an employer’s market, you can afford to be choosy and take a pass on candidates who are under-qualified, job-hoppers or otherwise not a perfect fit. But again, let’s be honest – it’s definitely NOT an employer’s market. In today’s tight talent market, you simply cannot afford to rule out a… Read more »

Mmm…Want a Snickers?

Q: How are candy bars and employee training alike? A: Sometimes “bite-size” is best. When you have a lot of new information to teach employees, you (and they) may want to “get it all over with” as fast as possible. After all, who wants to drag things out any longer than absolutely necessary? But if… Read more »

You Deserve a Vacation.

Jill just requested two weeks off mid-July. Conor is planning a weekend getaway over Memorial Day. Lauren is trying to pick the best time to take her trip to Cancun (and that’ll be her second trip this year!). Seems like your entire staff is planning their vacations. What about you? You deserve a vacation, too.… Read more »