Time for an Employee Handbook Overhaul?

Employee Handbook

Does your employee handbook need more than a “polish” or “tweak”? Today’s post is just for you. A great employee handbook does more than just set the “ground rules” for working in your organization; it provides a blueprint for your company culture, mission and goals. Answers common questions, so you don’t have to. Aids with […]

ACA Requirements: Tips when using Wood Personnel Temporary Employees

  When it comes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But if you’ve ever tried reading the ACA and understanding its complex requirements, that “ounce of prevention” can give you a really big headache. For example, the ACA sets forth very specific […]

Workforce Demographics: Who is Generation “F”?

Savvy recruiters know about baby boomers, Gen X and even Gen Y. But there’s a new kid in town that HR and hiring managers are beginning to encounter:  Gen F. So who are they and why should you care? For starters, “Generation Facebook” is the latest emerging workforce demographic.  As a group, they’re demanding, socially […]