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Tips for Attracting Women to the Field of IT

In an age where women are everywhere in the workforce – from clerks to chemists to CEOs – women are still sorely underrepresented in the IT industry.  In fact:

According to the National Center for Women and Information Technology, women hold over half of all professional positions in the U.S. workforce, but only 25% of all computing-related positions.

So what can your company do to bring more tech-savvy women into the fold?  Here are a few tips for attracting more women to your IT company or department:

  • Make sure your company sends the right message.  Counteract the negative messages women receive about technology occupations with your own strong, positive messages (e.g., we have female employees in IT occupations, women are leaders in our organization and have upward career paths).  Make these themes a component of all your recruiting efforts.
  • Create a page for women on your web site.  Within your site’s recruitment pages, add a section just for women.  You can feature biographies, interviews and photos of successful IT women (and other diverse groups) already working for your organization.  Visitors will perceive your company as one that welcomes and supports women in IT.
  • Take advantage of free media coverage.  The press likes to run human-interest stories about women succeeding in traditionally male professions.  Why not leverage a little free media attention by issuing “Women in IT” press releases?  Consider including:  employment statistics, quotes from your female IT employees about why they love their work; a quote from your CEO; a note about job availability.
  • Make your IT department more attractive to women.  Women are outspoken about their desire for flexible work schedules, a healthy work/life balance, fitness programs and social consciousness.  Naturally, they will be more likely to pursue IT employment with a company that offers things like:  mentoring programs, professional development training, public salary scales, community involvement opportunities and flexible work options.

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