Why the second shift might be best for you

A “second shift” job is one that starts in the afternoon and ends late evening, for example, from 4 p.m. to midnight. It makes up the second portion of a workday that’s divided in three (usually daytime, nighttime and overnight shifts, or first shift, second shift, and third shift). When you work the second shift,… Read more »

Why you should pick up the phone when a recruiter calls

Whether you’re happily employed or not-so-happily employed, a recruiter is a valuable ally to have on your side. But if you’re contacted out of the blue, you might not be sure how to respond. Well, the answer is: don’t ignore a recruiter’s call! To understand why, check out these reasons from a top provider of… Read more »

Best shoes for warehouse workers that will keep you comfortable and safe

Workplace Safety

When you’re working in a warehouse, you’ll find yourself on your feet for part—or all—of your shift. It depends on your job. Most likely, you’ll be spending a lot of time walking on concrete. And this means your feet will take a beating if you don’t have the right footwear, plus you could even be… Read more »

How to Address Gaps in Your Resume During Your Interview

Do you have a gap in your work history? First, take a deep breath—you’re in good company! Many people have experienced unemployment at some point in their career. But this doesn’t change the fact that a potential employer will wonder why you went unemployed—and since it’s their job to make good hiring choices, they may… Read more »

Do I Need a Resume for a Warehouse Job?

Are you in search of a manufacturing job? So are many others! For this reason, it’s important to put together a resume when you apply for a warehouse job. Why? You want to make it easy for a recruiter or hiring manager to see why you’re the best choice—beyond other candidates who are also applying.… Read more »

Tips on Reducing Workplace Lifting Injuries

In many workplaces, lifting is simply part of the job. This is especially true with labor or light industrial positions. Unfortunately, injuries sustained as a result of lifting are extremely common. Improper lifting techniques can lead to pulls and strains of muscles and ligaments, and can even result in the need for disability and workers’… Read more »

Three ways to look to your alumni network for a job in 2020

Your alma mater is the place where you learned, built memories and earned your degree. For these reasons and more, it’s a source of pride for many graduates. It also gives you a connection to all those who passed through the hallowed halls with you. As your college or university sent hundreds or even thousands into… Read more »

Looking back on 2019: Was this the year you hoped it would be in January?

As the year rolls quickly to a close, you may be thinking about the goals you set for yourself. It’s good to reflect—reviewing your goals helps you stay on track. If you hit some or all of your goals, congratulations! It’s time to celebrate your success. But what happens if you didn’t?   Keep your chin… Read more »

Should You Accept a Water When Offered Before an Interview?

During an interview, your aim is to do your very best! It helps to make yourself as comfortable as possible, so it’ll be that much easier to appear calm and confident. At the beginning of most interviews, your interviewer will ask if you’d like something to drink—usually a glass of water, or a cup of… Read more »

The Key to Showing Your Boss You’re Ready for Additional Responsibilities

As you work to get ahead in your career, it’s reasonable to expect you’ll be taking on additional responsibilities. And one way to jumpstart this is to approach your boss and ask about tackling a little more. But what is the best way to do this—and ensure you’re accepting more work that will ultimately help… Read more »