How Should I Prepare for My First Interview?

Preparing for an Interview in Nashville TN

Nervous about your interview? If you’re looking for a part-time job, or you just graduated and you’re in search of your first professional job—don’t worry! A touch of nerves is totally normal. You want to get the job, so it’s natural to be a little on edge about doing your very best. What steps should… Read more »

Is There a “Best” Way to Explain My Employment History in an Interview?

Explain My Employment History in an Interview

If you’ve ever found yourself out of work, you’re in good company. No, it’s not a desirable outcome, but it happens. You may have experienced a layoff due to COVID-19 recently, or you may have been let go from a position. But whatever the reason, it’s probably going to come up in an interview. And… Read more »

How many job interviews do I need to go to each week to land a job?

Sometimes, a job search can feel like it’s dragging on and on. And on. You may feel like you’ll never find a job. You may also wonder how many interviews you need to go on before something finally clicks. Well, here’s the thing. There’s no clear-cut answer for that. And here’s why. If you go… Read more »

How important is the job title of my first full time job in Nashville?

Full Time Job in Nashville Tennessee

Are job titles important when you’re looking for your next job? And how important are job titles on a resume? That depends on a few things. The main thing your job title should convey is what you’ve accomplished. Beyond that, a recruiter or hiring manager should be able to grab any details they need from… Read more »

Who Else is Looking for a Job and Doesn’t Currently Have One?

Looking for a Job in Nashville

You’re updating your resume or LinkedIn and you come across your job title. Uh, oh. You’d love to type something in, but here’s the problem. You’re not currently employed. You’re newly graduated or you’ve been laid off during COVID-19. You don’t have a current job to list. You’re worried this will hurt your chances of… Read more »

What is the Best and Quickest Way to Find a Job in Nashville?

Finding a Job In Nashville

Looking for a job? There’s a common thread in our country! Many were laid off or furloughed due to COVID-19, and if you’re one of them—you’re probably looking around for something new! If you’re freshly graduated and wondering what’s next, it may seem like the job market is doomed. But there’s no need to feel… Read more »

Laid off due to COVID-19? Consider these three tips to rejoin the workforce

Finding a Job in Nashville

If you’re currently unemployed due to COVID-19, just follow these tips to re-enter the working world from a leading provider of jobs in Nashville TN If you’ve recently lost your job over the past few months, you’re not alone. Nearly 18 million Americans have found themselves out of work during the COVID-19 pandemic. It may… Read more »

How to end EVERY workday to set yourself up for a successful next day

Planning for a Successful Day at Work

Picture it: You start every day with a looming list of to-do items, some of which you keep putting off. All day long you toil away at your tasks, maybe even skip breaks, and feel unfocused and distracted. By the end of the day, you don’t feel you’ve accomplished much, and you shut down your… Read more »

Why every individual should take 1-2 hours on the weekend to improve their career skills

Improving Career on the Weekend | Nashville Staffing Agency

You may have goals for your career—many of us do! But when you think about them, do you get one of those “someday I will” mindsets? Sometimes, the future can seem so very far away and you’re not quite sure how you’re going to get there. But rest assured, the future will happen. And hopefully,… Read more »

How to Rebound from an Extended Period of Being Laid Off

Being laid off or fired can be scary. There’s the feeling of “why me?” Then there’s worrying your record is marred for life, and if you’ll ever be hired again. Not to mention the uncertainty that comes with a lack of income. But don’t worry—being let go from your job is a temporary set back.… Read more »