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Get Paid What You’re Worth – How to Ask for a Raise the Right Way

Thinking about asking for a raise, but still hesitating?

Well, maybe you shouldn’t be.  A recent New York Times article reports that median pay for top executives at big 200 companies was up 23 percent last year.  Corporate wallets are opening up.  It’s time to get your share.

Still, asking for more money can be daunting – especially if you don’t know how to do it the right way.  Use these tips to guide you through the process and get paid what you’re worth:

Conduct some research. Find out what others in your position make, using tools like Getraised.com, Salary.com or Payscale.com.  Be sure to factor in your level of experience and geographic area.

Prepare a presentation. Before you go knocking on your boss’s door, make sure you can justify why you’ve earned a raise – not why you need one.  Spend some time reviewing your strengths and accomplishments.  Develop a list of measurable results you’ve achieved, new skills you’ve acquired, additional work you’ve taken on, etc.  In addition, prepare what you’ll say if your boss turns you down.

Choose your moment. When it comes to asking for a raise, timing is everything.  The best time to ask for more money is shortly after you’ve accomplished a goal on the job.  Schedule an appointment with your boss, preferably at a time when he’s at his best (e.g., if mornings are hectic for him, schedule the appointment in the afternoon).

Keep emotions out of it. Whatever you do, avoid raising your voice or getting upset.  Never mention personal financial problems when asking for a raise.  Again, your boss is interested in why you deserve the raise – not why you need it.

End on a positive note. If you get what you want, that’s great.  But if your boss is unable or unwilling to give you a raise, develop a plan that will lead to what you want.  Before leaving the meeting, put together a performance plan with another review date so that your boss will be able to see what you’ve accomplished.

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