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Career Tips: How to Stay Interested in Your Entry Level Job

It’s called “work” for a reason.

While many of us would love to be in an exciting career with endless variety and opportunity, the truth is that our work is not nearly that glamorous.  In fact, lots of jobs – especially entry level ones – can be tedious, monotonous and even downright boring.

Still, you have to start somewhere.  And if you want to get ahead in your career, you need to carry out your responsibilities (no matter how uninteresting they may be) to the best of your ability.  Use this list of tips to stay interested in your entry level job, so you can stay focused and productive:

Be honest with your supervisor. While it’s unadvisable to whine about how boring your job is, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask your manager for more work.  If you are working in a direct position, tell your boss that you are ready for more responsibility.  He may appreciate your honesty and efficiency and reward you with a more challenging set of tasks.  He may also allow you to trade duties with colleagues, so you both get a break from the monotony.

If you are working with Wood Personnel on a temporary or contract assignment, speak directly with your staffing supervisor.  He can look for future assignments that build on the experience you’re gaining.

Volunteer for tasks unrelated to your job. Offer to help plan the company office party or sign-up for another social committee.  You’ll not only keep yourself busy, you’ll also network, show-off your organizational skills and establish your reputation as a team player and natural leader.

Change your perspective. One of the easiest ways to freshen your outlook on the job is by asking your supervisor for a new desk, office or cube to call home.  If you can’t change your location, see if you can change how your desk is oriented.  Even a small change can refresh your perspective and renew your enthusiasm for your work.

Take initiative. If you’ve finished your work and need something to do, take a look around the office and see what needs to be done.  Ask co-workers if they could use a hand.  Find out what’s on your supervisor’s To Do list (it’s probably a long one) and see if you could tackle a project for him.  Don’t wait for challenge to come to you.  Be proactive.  Demonstrate your willingness to work and desire for challenge, and chances are you will be rewarded.

Take a power break. When boredom threatens to overwhelm you, fight back by using your breaks intelligently.  Though you may be tempted to surf the Internet or play solitaire, use your time more contructively.  Clean up your desk, invite a colleague for a cup of coffee to discuss a new idea, or brainstorm a list of ways to improve your department.  The more intelligently you use your break time, the sooner you’ll move on to a more challenging job.

Stay positive and give your best effort. Remember, nearly everyone has been in your shoes at one point or another.  Yes, your work may be menial now, but try to make the most of the opportunities it presents you to help develop your skills, increase your knowledge base and build your network.  If you always give your best effort and focus on staying positive, you can effectively keep boredom at bay.

Looking for more variety, responsibility or challenge?  Give Wood Personnel a call.

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