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Tips for Creating a Safer Work Environment

The best way to keep workers’ compensation claims down is to avoid workplace injuries in the first place.

This is not news, of course, but the concept occasionally bears repeating. If you’re just learning about workplace safety, or would like to refresh your knowledge, take a few minutes to read this brief but valuable post outlining tips to create a safer work environment.

  1. Keep the work space as clean as possible.  Poor housekeeping can cause frequent workplace accidents.  As such, cleaning should be an ongoing effort by all employees.
  2. Properly plan jobs.  When expectations, time schedules and equipment lists are clearly communicated, each team member knows what is required to complete a job safely and on time.  As part of your planning, identify potential safety hazards, so you can avoid them.  All too often, “rush” jobs lead to shortcuts, lack of/improper use of safety equipment, accidents and injuries.
  3. Remind employees to:  lift with their legs and knees; never twist while lifting something heavy; take hourly breaks to stretch when required to sit for long periods; use the right tools for the job.  Post these reminders in areas where your employees will frequently see them.
  4. Encourage staff to report dangerous conditions.  You can’t be everywhere at once, so train your employees to proactively identify situations which could be potentially dangerous.  Evenly a seemingly innocuous burned-out light bulb or beverage spill could lead to a slip, trip or fall.  Make sure everyone on your staff knows to whom dangers should be reported.
  5. Properly train and require employees to wear OSHA mandated Personal Protective Equipment when necessary, including: goggles and face protection, hard hats, safety shoes, gloves, ear muffs and ear plugs.  Proper protective equipment is a critical part of preventing workplace injuries.
  6. Establish and enforce formal workplace safety policies and procedures.  Your company’s management team should create and carry out an accident prevention program that encourages employees to take safety measures seriously and to report any dangerous situations.  Make resources available to your staff with contacts and phone numbers in case of an emergency.

Creating a safe work environment should be a top priority for every employer.  Not only can a culture of safety reduce injuries and workers’ compensation claims; it can also improve morale and increase productivity.  So make workplace safety everyone’s responsibility.  Work with your staff in implementing these common-sense tips and everybody will benefit.

At Wood Personnel, we work diligently with our clients to ensure workplace safety.   We thoroughly orient and train our temporary workers, to make sure they stay productive and efficient on the job.