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How Middle Tennessee Employers Can Effectively Use QR Codes in Recruiting

QR codes are everywhere – on product labels, billboards, and buildings, inviting passers-by to pull out their mobile phones and uncover the encoded information.

Sure, they make sense for linking consumers to product websites.  But did you know that those funny-looking little black-and-white boxes can also be a valuable recruiting tool?

Integrated properly, QR codes can help you capture job seekers’ attention and deliver a ton of recruiting information – without saying a lot.  By simply scanning the code with their smartphones, your potential candidates can be instantly directed to your recruitment information, including pictures, video, social media, media coverage or anything else you’d like to share.

Not bad for a little 1″ x 1″ pixelated box.

The codes are also powerful because they easily allow you to effectively track analytics that can help you identify recruiting sources and usage rates.  Because they’re free to generate and only one square inch in size, they save space and advertising costs.

So if you’re considering adding QR codes to your recruiting efforts, here’s how to take advantage of this hot new recruiting trend:

Consider the possibilities.  There are literally dozens of ways you can use QR codes to provide recruiting information.  Brainstorm ways to most effectively reach your target audience, including:

  • Job postings, social media and blogs – link to detailed information without taking up space.
  • Print ads – insert QR codes into traditional newspaper or magazine ads to deliver more information without paying for additional ad space.
  • Signage – from billboards to wall posters and even stickers, you can link viewers directly to your web site.
  • Referral cards – take referrals instantly to your application site.
  • Invitations to hiring events – use QR codes to invite candidates to special events you host.
  • Career fairs and college events – post them at your booth so prospects can instantly access information without waiting in line or having to ask a question.

Consider the potential downsides.  Many recruiters resist change that involves new technology – be sure to get internal buy-in before adding QR codes to your mix.  Also, you can expect to receive spotty response initially.  While QR codes have been around for awhile, not everyone is familiar with them yet.

Finally, QR codes will work better with some types of candidates than others.  Consider how likely your target audience is to actually use smartphones, before you invest the time and effort to incorporate QR codes.

The bottom line? 

With an estimated 106 million smartphone users in the U.S., the opportunities that mobile technology presents for recruiters are bigger than ever.  QR codes are a quick, cheap and flexible way to make your non-Internet recruiting information approaches more effective for tech-savvy passive and active job candidates.

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