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Job Hunting Tips for the “Mature” Middle Tennessee Job Seeker

The stress of a job search can give you a few grey hairs.

But what if you already have a few grey hairs before you even start your job search?

If you’re over 50 and looking for a job in Middle Tennessee, it’s natural to wonder if your age is a cause for concern.  While we all know that there are federal laws barring age discrimination, it’s hard not to second-guess yourself and your ability to compete in a job market crowded with savvy (and younger) professionals.

But don’t let a few grey hairs get you down.  If you’re a “mature” individual looking for jobs in Middle Tennessee, use this list of no-nonsense tips to land the opportunity you want:

Update your résumé.  In addition to your personal appearance, it’s also important to make sure your résumé is up to snuff.  So before you go on the job hunt, make sure it’s ready for today’s employment market.  Focus on the last 10 years of your experience, stressing recent accomplishments and measurable results.  Additionally, leave the year you graduated as well as your age off of your résumé.

Modernize your vocabulary.  Your interviewer may be a lot younger than you, so go into the situation prepared.  Know the challenges and trends in your field.  Research not only the company, but what its competitors are doing.  Take steps to modernize your vocabulary so that you convey an image that is current, flexible and in-the-know.

Remember that  first impressions last.  Hiring decisions are often made quickly and subconsciously.  For this reason, it’s critical to make a great first impression.  So invest in an up-to-date interview outfit that fits you well.  Make adequate eye contact when you meet your interviewer and give a firm handshake.  Convey a sense of enthusiasm and confidence – even if you’re nervous under that exterior.  Do what you can to give the immediate impression that you’re current, competent and up to the challenge.

Convey confidence.  Head into your interview with the mindset that you are going to get the job offer.  Express a willingness to learn new things and focus on the positives that come with age.  As an experienced worker, you’re more reliable, trustworthy and well-versed in how to effectively deal with all types of people.  Make sure the potential employer understands the advantages of hiring you over a younger/less experienced candidate.

Avoid phrases that will date you.  Make sure you don’t say things during a phone screen or interview that draw attention to your age.  Here are a few examples:

  • Been there, done that.
  • I think that was back in (insert year)…
  • The way we did it was better in the past.

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