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Find a Great Middle Tennessee Job with Twitter: Social media job search ideas

Social media has made a huge splash on the job search scene.  Throughout Middle Tennessee, and across the country, recruiters are using LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter to find the talent they need.

Would a recruiter be able to find you on Twitter?  Would you be able to find their job tweet?

If you’re looking for jobs in Nashville and don’t yet know what “140 characters” refers to, this post is for you.  It contains some great tips for making Twitter part of your job search strategy:

Remember that Twitter is two-way.  Unlike traditional ads, Twitter is a conversation.  The platform allows you to provide information and resources that potential employers may find interesting.  So as you tweet, keep your tone professional and targeted to whom you’re trying to reach.

Set up your profile.  Go to Twitter.com and create your user account.  Post a professional picture and describe the type of employment you’re seeking in your bio (unless, of course, you’re currently employed!).  Familiarize yourself with the platform and browse others’ accounts to see how people are using the site to network.

Link your account.  Twitter allows you to link to a website.  Connect your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile or to your own professional website, so potential employers can easily learn more about your education, experience and accomplishments.

Tweet it out.  Establish yourself as knowledgeable in your chosen field by retweeting the latest relevant news, articles or research.  This will show potential employers that you stay up-to-date on the trends in your industry.

Search the right hashtags.  Admittedly, there is a lot of noise on Twitter.  To help drown some of it out – and find the job listings you need – use Twitter’s hashtag search feature.  Search suggestions include #jobs, #hotjobs or #hiring.  To further refine your search, combine these hashtags with the city or industry in which you’re trying to find a job (e.g., #administrativejobs or #nashvillehotjobs).

Cast a wider net.  Find relevant accounts to follow such as companies you’d like to work for, Middle Tennessee staffing services like Wood Personnel, your college alumni office and online job listing sites.  Search for leaders in your industry and start following them as well.

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Don’t miss out on great jobs in Nashville, Cool Springs, Murfreesboro and Hendersonville,  and throughout all of Middle Tennessee.  Start using social media as part of your job search –  and register with Wood Personnel!