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Recruiting in Middle Tennessee: Relationships are Still Critical

Why isn’t recruiting as fun as it used to be?  Does technology have something to do with it?

In all fairness, technology has greatly enhanced aspects of sourcing and identifying talent.  Sophisticated recruiting software, social media  and a host of other digital tools have:

  • made it easier than ever to screen masses of résumés and identify potential candidates;
  • automated much of the time-consuming and labor-intensive aspects of recruiting; and
  • vastly improved recruiting process efficiency.

But are recruiters in Middle Tennessee paying a price for this technology?  It could be.  While digital tools undoubtedly deliver a host of benefits, they also remove the vital human element from recruiting – reducing fluid relationships to mere transactions.

In our opinion, technology strips the art from creating great matches between people and businesses in our region.

Regardless of how far technology advances, relationships will always still matter in recruiting.  No automated test, app or database will ever be able to supplant a recruiter’s instinct – the certainty he feels when he knows he’s found the right candidate for the job.

Recruiting will always be about people – which requires human interaction and face-to-face contact.  Here are some tips from Wood Personnel for striking the right balance and making the process more fulfilling:

  • Bring the fun back to job descriptions.  The average job description is about as exciting as a cheese sandwich.  The next time you’re hiring for a key position, spend time with your team brainstorming more lively ways to describe your company, your culture and the available position.  Job descriptions should be accurate, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun!  And the more interesting the job and your company sound, the more likely you are to attract top performers.
  • Use technology to include the entire organization in your recruiting process.  If recruiting is a “siloed” activity kept separate from the rest of your organization, use technology to break down those barriers.  Show employees how to become company ambassadors online, building your brand and attracting top talent.  Give them sample tweets and Facebook posts to use as starting points for generating real referrals.  Bottom line, leverage technology to bring your entire team into the recruiting loop.
  • Don’t let process undermine art.  Recruiting has always been part art, part science.  Take a step back and examine the ways technology helps, and potentially hinders, your candidate selection processes.  Make sure that people, not software, are still controlling the direction and results of your efforts.

When it comes to staffing your business effectively, both technology and the human touch are critical.  Wood Personnel combines state-of-the-art technologies with in-depth knowledge of the Middle Tennessee job market to deliver customized solutions that maximize your staffing ROI.  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions for Cool Springs, TN, employers.