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Why the Best Middle Tennessee Staffing Plans are More than Just “Bandaids”

If your Middle Tennessee business faces serious workforce challenges:

  • chronic turnover
  • large fluctuations in business volume
  • bad hires
  • difficulty focusing on key priorities or meeting objectives

…bringing in the occasional temporary is about as effective as using a band-aid to treat bullet wound.

Using temporary employees for last-minute fill-ins is certainly important.  When a receptionist calls in sick, you need to find a replacement quickly.  But if that’s all you’re using staffing services for, you could be missing out on significant opportunities to dramatically improve your business.  Why make staffing strategic?

  • Planning your use of temporary employees can save you time and money.  Hiring and termination costs are very significant.  A staffing firm can drastically reduce the costs and time investment associated with hiring – including areas like recruiting, overtime and training.
  • Strategic staffing can help you “right-size” your business, while evening out the peaks and valleys.  A strategic staffing program gives you the flexibility to bring in labor or expertise as needed.  Though the temporary employees or consultants may cost more per hour than their full-time counterparts, you only pay for them when they’re needed.  Plus, there are no benefits for you to pay.  In effect, a strategic staffing approach converts fixed expense to variable.
  • The strategic use of temporaries can reduce your legal exposure.  Bad hires, employee lawsuits and tax law compliance are just a few of the legal issues associated with employing people.  Working with a staffing firm to recruit, screen and hire candidates for you minimizes your company’s exposure.
  • Strategically managing your workforce can improve the morale of your direct employees, helping you minimize burnout, improve productivity and reduce turnover.

To achieve staffing results like these, you need to take a proactive, strategic approach to managing your workforce.  Strategic staffing enables you to use temporary, contract and direct placement services as a permanent solution for meeting workforce challenges.  By planning your upcoming talent needs, you and your staffing partner can develop a comprehensive staffing strategy that creates true competitive advantage for you organization – and delivers real bottom-line results.

Many of our clients enjoy the benefits of our temporary staffing services for last-minute and short-term staffing requirements.  But depending upon your unique workforce needs, a strategic staffing solution may be the right choice to help your company stay flexible, competitive and efficient.  How can Wood Personnel help you?  Please contact us today to discuss your hiring plans, staffing challenges and business goals.  Together, we can create a comprehensive solution that delivers the results you need.