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Ways to Make Your Nashville Job Postings More Effective

Today’s job seekers are spending almost all of their time searching online.  In fact, a recent career network survey of over 5,200 job seekers found that job boards are the top resources for job seekers of all generations.

How can you be sure that your postings will stand out and attract the right types of candidates?

Make sure your job listings are optimized to work with search engines – as well as real people.  That way, when the ideal candidate is searching for his dream job, he’ll find your posting and apply to it.  Use these tips from Wood Personnel to make sure you get the best results from every position you list on Middle Tennessee job boards:

  • Use geography to your advantage.  Today’s job seekers use local geographic modifiers in keyword search strings, when searching for positions on browsers like Google.  Optimize your job listing on factors such as title tag, header tags and even your opening paragraph.
  • Do your homework.  Before listing any position, meet with hiring managers to develop a thorough understanding of job specifics, including daily responsibilities and must-have qualifications.  If you’re working from an existing job description, review it together to make sure it’s current, accurate and contains keywords that appeal to the right type of candidate.
  • Consider specialization.  Try to post your job on boards that are focused the industry or position for which you’re recruiting.  For example, if you need a web developer, use a job board for IT professionals.
  • Write for a wide audience.  When you develop your job copy, consider all the audiences – potential candidates, internal hiring managers and search engines – you need to appeal to.  What sounds appropriate for one group may fall flat for another.
  • Don’t skimp on the details.  Create in-depth job profiles that include company background, contact information, job description, job requirements and any other information that a candidate might need to understand the position.  If possible, provide a number of application methods, to make it convenient for job seekers to contact you.
  • Skip the cryptic language.  Within your company (especially if yours is a large one), you may use specialized wording (e.g., Processor Level II) to categorize and rank positions that’s meaningful for you, but puzzling to readers.  Make sure that the language you use translates well for your readers.
  • Make the title count.  While a creative job title may gain attention (e.g., Multitasking Administrative Guru), it can also backfire if it’s too obscure.  When choosing a title, consider what keywords the ideal candidate might use in his search.  And if you’re looking for specialized skills – and can’t even consider candidates who don’t have them – use those words in the post title, too.

If you’re looking for a company that understands the process of advertising for your hiring needs, look no further.  As a leading staffing service in Nashville, Wood Personnel knows how to attract the best and brightest throughout Middle Tennessee.  Contact Wood today to learn more.