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Land the Best Job in Middle Tennessee: Here’s what NOT to wear on your interview

You’re smart.  Talented.  Experienced.  A true professional.

But does your interview outfit reflect all these things?

If not, you’re hurting your chances of landing your dream job.  Like it or not, an interviewer sizes you up quickly.  Within the first few minutes of meeting you, he’s already made important decisions about your candidacy – so make sure your clothes send the right message.  Use these tips from Wood Personnel to hit the right note with your interview outfit:

  • For the casual office interview.  Honestly, the word “casual” means different things to different employers – but one thing it doesn’t mean is “sloppy.”  While you may not need to wear a traditional business suit for this type of environment, consider a collared shirt and freshly pressed slacks for men; a modest blouse and skirt or dress pants for women. Your best bet?  Dress a notch or two above what you think you’d be wearing on a typical work day.  When in doubt, contact HR and ask for their advice.
  • For the first-time job seeker.  When you’re new to the job market, it’s difficult to prove your credibility – but your dress can go a long way in supporting a professional image.  Err on the conservative side and dress for the job you want.  Remember that many employers don’t embrace unnatural hair colors, tattoos and/or facial piercings, so make sure you address these issues before heading into your next interview.
  • For the mature job seeker.  Worried that dressing too conservatively may make you look like you’re out of touch?  Consult with your peers, or those who work in the industry, to see what’s appropriate.  And before you decide to wear a suit that’s 10 or more years old, head to a department store and see if the items on the rack are cut similarly – or if style has changed so much that you need to invest in a new suit.
  • For every job seeker.  No matter what type of job you’re interviewing for, never wear:
    • Casual sandals or flip flops.  Unless you’re interviewing for a lifeguard position, these footwear choices are definite no’s.
    • Large pieces of jewelry.  They can be distracting and even loud, if they’re metallic or plastic.
    • Cologne or perfume.  What smells great to you may offend someone else.
    • Low-cut, tight and/or revealing clothing.  Focus attention on your job candidacy – not your other “assets.”

While focusing so heavily on your appearance may seem superficial, it’s still important.  Dressing well for a job interview shows the recruiter that you take the opportunity seriously and understand the “rules of engagement” when it comes to the interview process.

Need more great Middle Tennessee job search advice?  Wood Personnel’s recruiting experts are here to help.  We’ll provide the advice, support and guidance you need to put your best foot forward with Hendersonville, TN’s top employers.