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Your Middle Tennessee Job Search: Are you using these 5 creative tactics?

Great job skills will help you keep your job.  But you need great job search skills to land one in the first place!

If your tactics are limited to hitting the “Apply Now” button on your favorite job site, it’s time to get creative.  To move your career forward, check out these fresh ways to find the best jobs in Murfreesboro (or anywhere in Middle Tennessee!):

Ask Google to find jobs for you.  Ever used Google Alerts? They are emails sent to you when Google finds new results – such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs – that match your search term.  To augment your job search, set up Alerts for:

  • Your name
  • Names of staffing services who hire for the type of job you’re seeking
  • Target companies and/or those you want to be informed about
  • Names of key decision makers in your target companies
  • Job title(s) you’re seeking and geographic areas you want to work in, e.g.., “warehouse supervisor in Murfreesboro TN”
  • Key word phrases relevant to your job
  • Names of your target companies’ relevant products or services

Use networking business cards.  This is a regular business card, printed with your name, profession and contact information on the front.  The back contains a mini-resume with all the pertinent information about your accomplishments and background.  When you meet a new hiring authority, pass along three or four for him to share internally.

Create a short-form resume.  A short-form resume is exactly what it sounds like: a condensed version of your resume that focuses on your abilities and credentials as they pertain to the job for which you’re applying.  This recruiter-friendly version is a “teaser,” appropriate for entry-level positions or for occasions when you know that a recruiter will not take the time to slog through your full-length resume.

Find new ways to help your resume stand out from the crowd.  Hiring managers get resumes and cover letters all the time, but they rarely get a demonstration of the value a candidate can add along with it.  Stand out by showing a recruiter exactly how you can contribute.  To get started, research the company and identifying some key issues that it faces.  Then pick an issue that you have some knowledge about and write a paper assessing the problem.  If you have any creative solutions or insights, you can offer them in the paper.  If the report strikes a chord with the hiring manager, he will be very impressed and want to talk to you in person.

Consider a temporary or contract assignment.  Sometimes, contingent employment can lead to a direct position.  If you’re without work, finding a temporary job in Middle Tennessee is a great way to get your foot in the door – and make new business contacts to call upon in the future.  Wood Personnel can help you find a great administrative, light industrial, accounting, HR, engineering or IT assignment.  We’ll help you build your skills and start you on the path to direct employment.  Contact Wood today!