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Tips for Climbing the Ladder in HR

January is almost over.

What have you resolved to achieve in your HR career this year?

If you’re like many HR professionals, you may tend to put your professional development on the back burner. Much of what you do is focused on others’ career success – helping them to get the jobs and promotions they deserve. In addition, HR is a “moving target.” Staying on top of employment law changes, compliance issues, performance reviews and hiring requests makes it difficult to find the time to focus on your own career.

To move ahead, however, you need to make yourself a priority. Whether you’re interested in broadening your sphere of influence, earning a promotion or taking a more strategic role in your organization, be proactive about it!

Use these simple tips from Wood Personnel to get ahead in HR this year:

  1. Garner recommendations on LinkedIn. What others say about you is much more impactful that what you say about yourself. Get headhunters to notice you by filling your profile with 5-10 fresh recommendations.
  2. Pay attention to what influential HR professionals say. Spend some time online finding experts in your particular area of HR – successful individuals who are the type of professional you’d like to be. Follow them on Twitter. Read their blogs. Watch their webinars. Learn everything you can about how they became successful and apply those same strategies to your career.
  3. Contribute within your organization. If your communications team is like most, they’re always looking for sources of positive, well-written content. Volunteer to write an article or case study for the company newsletter to showcase the measurable results you deliver for your organization. Your contributions will increase your visibility within your existing organization, enhancing your chances for promotion.
  4. Get published. Establish yourself as an expert in your field, and increase your name recognition, by publishing an article in your HR specialty. Check out the publishing requirements on HR Magazine, Workforce.com and HR Executive. Or, as an alternative, publish a few articles on ezinearticles.com. Make sure you include a brief professional bio at the end with links to your LinkedIn profile.
  5. Lecture or teach an HR class. Local junior colleges and universities are always looking for experts like you to guest lecture, teach part-time or serve as adjunct faculty members. Beyond earning extra income, a college teaching job can help you polish your presentation skills, boost your confidence, build your resume and widen your sphere of influence.
  6. Join Middle Tennessee HR associations. Expand your network, increase your knowledge base and build your resume by getting connected and involved in a local HR organization. Attending meetings and events does require a time investment, but HR groups can pay off big for your career.

Have a career-building tip you’d like to share? Leave your ideas below!

And if you’re looking for top talent or extra help, give Wood Personnel a call. Our Middle Tennessee staffing and recruiting services can make you more successful in your job – and put you one step closer to that promotion you deserve.