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Leverage Your Middle TN Temporary Work Experiences to Find a Permanent Job | Employment Agencies in Cool Springs

We say it all the time. Temporary work is a great way to:

  • strengthen your skills;
  • gain new experience;
  • try out different jobs and work environments;
  • get your foot in the door with a Middle TN employer.

But if you’re ready to shift from life as a temporary to life as a full-time, direct employee, how exactly do you make the transition?

Today, Wood Personnel, one of the leading employment agencies in Cool Springs, would like to help. Here are a few tips for presenting your temping experiences in the best possible light, when you really want a permanent job:

On Your Resume

  • Consider a hybrid resume format. A functional-chronological resume allows you to put your skills, knowledge, responsibilities and accomplishments at the forefront.
  • Include the clients to which you were assigned – not just the staffing agency. While you should acknowledge the role your staffing service played in coordinating assignments, be sure you also list the employers for whom you actually worked.
  • Demonstrate employment continuity. Overcome the “transient” or “job-hopping” stigma by highlighting the length of time you worked for a single staffing service.  List your dates of employment for the staffing service, and then organize individual assignments chronologically underneath. This way, the employer’s attention is drawn to the entire length of time you worked through the employment agency.
  • Group together similar short-term assignments. If you worked in similar roles on week-long assignments for four employers, you can collectively cover them with a single listing. This format highlights your responsibilities and accomplishments – instead of the length of the individual assignments.

During Your Job Interview

  • Be proud of your work as a temporary. Highlight the advantages your temporary work experiences afforded you, including broadening your skill base and learning how to manage change.
  • Spin tough circumstances positively. If you had to take temporary assignments because you were laid off or downsize, focus on the upsides of the experience. Explain how you took charge of your circumstances and created your own employment solution.

Looking for the best jobs in Middle Tennessee? Whether you want the flexibility of temporary assignments or are ready for a full-time, direct role, Wood Personnel has the opportunities you want. Register today.