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Hiring in Middle TN? Don’t Over-Interview!

When it comes to interviewing job candidates, more is not always better.

Interviewing a lot of applicants may give you a sense of confidence (a great new employee is bound to be somewhere in the bunch, right?). But when it comes to making the best hires, it’s seeing the RIGHT candidates that matters.

So resist the temptation to play the recruiting numbers game. Instead, use these tips from Wood Personnel to make your process more disciplined – and make the best hire, without over-interviewing:

  • Get off on the right foot. Spend sufficient time developing a great position description. The more time you devote to accurately portraying the opportunity – from required experience to soft skills to potential for advancement – the better your chances are of attracting the right type of person for the job.
  • Cast a wide net. Recruiting administrative assistants? Remember that they don’t search for work the exact same way as quality inspectors. Adjust your recruiting techniques to attract the best candidates for each type of position. Consider specialized job boards and work your referral network.
  • Hold-off on interviewing until you have all resumes. Resist the temptation to interview the first respondents to your job posting. True, the first applicants have good timing, but they may not accurately represent your total candidate pool. You could wind up wasting valuable time interviewing the wrong people.
  • Use an objective process to sort and compare resumes. Once you have all of your applications and resumes, eliminate anyone who is obviously not a good fit for the job. After that, look for reasons to include, not exclude, remaining candidates. Then, once you’ve developed a list of potential interviewees, start comparing “apples to apples.” Devise a standard “score card” you can use to objectively rate each candidate’s technical competence, experience and overall desirability. Choose only the most qualified for the next phase of your recruiting efforts.
  • Conduct phone screens. Phone screens are a great way to gather vital information that will help you whittle down your candidate list and interview only truly viable candidates.

So, how many candidates do you really need to interview?

If you work with us, the answer may be “just one!” With a team of seasoned recruiting experts, and offices throughout Middle Tennessee, our Cool Springs employment agency can:

  • shorten your time-to-hire
  • alleviate time-consuming aspects of recruiting and interviewing
  • hand select the best candidates for your available positions

…and deliver them to you! Contact us today to learn more about our Middle TN staffing services.