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Have a Business Challenge That’s Tough as Wood?

We’ll cut it down to size!

Regardless of your business or industry, it’s tough being an employer these days. Tight labor markets, increasing regulation and an unpredictable economy are just a few of the challenges you face, and it’s not likely to get easier any time soon.

Wood Personnel is here to help. Intelligent use of our staffing services can reduce your risks, simplify administration, increase retention and control costs. Here are four business problems common in Middle Tennessee – and how our Cool Springs staffing agency solves them:

Tasked with controlling rising healthcare costs?

Continued uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), coupled with rising benefit costs, make healthcare a leading cost concern for employers.

Let Wood cut it down to size:

  • Control benefits expense. Bring in temporary workers for short-term or discrete projects, instead of hiring direct employees. Temporary workers remain on our payroll, so we are responsible for determining benefits eligibility and providing insurance, when required.
  • Staff your business strategically. Whether you are a small or large employer under ACA guidelines, we can help you determine the most cost-effective ways to staff your business, manage growth, stay compliant and control your risks. Schedule a free workforce consultation today.

Having trouble attracting specialized talent?

After peaking in 2009, unemployment has crept slowly, but steadily, downward. More people are getting back to work – which is great – but it makes finding people with unique skill sets even more challenging.

Let Wood cut it down to size:

  • Proactive recruiting. We continually build our networks, develop our talent pool and pursue passive candidates. By sourcing talent well in advance of your needs, we can ensure timely access to qualified, experienced people.
  • Flexible solutions. Allow us to supply highly skilled temporary staff to meet your changing demands without adding permanent employees. You can access the specialized skill sets you need, just when you need them, to complete special projects or train your core workforce.

Need to grow your team in 2015?

Hiring freezes are thawing and business is picking up. The downside? Resultant talent shortages can threaten your ability to fill open jobs.

Let Wood cut it down to size:

  • Shorten time-to-hire. We recruit ahead of market demand to ensure quick access to the best people.
  • Control costs. Leverage our economies of scale and deep roots in the local employment market to make your recruiting more efficient – and ultimately lower your cost-per-hire.
  • Reduce risks. Pay a fee only if you hire a candidate we refer. And if you prefer to try a candidate on the job before extending an offer for employment, ask about our temp-to-hire option.

Struggling to retain your best people?

Turnover is the single biggest reason employers are hiring. Job opportunities are plentiful, putting you at greater risk of losing your high performers. And to make matters worse, traditional retention strategies aren’t as effective as they once were.

Let Wood cut it down to size:

  • Create higher quality matches. Serving Middle TN businesses since 1988, Wood has decades of experience identifying the right person for your position. Get an employee who will thrive on the job and stay working for you, longer.
  • Staff high-turnover positions more cost effectively. Staff job functions with inherently high turnover rates with temporary employees to alleviate the stress, expense, and quality problems you incur by continually replacing workers.

Have a tough business challenge? Let Wood help.

What are your biggest staffing problems? What workforce issues keep you up at night? Give our Cool Springs staffing agency a call. Tell us what’s on your mind, and we’ll help you design a smart staffing strategy to cut your business challenge down to size.