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Ready to Re-Skill? 4 FREE ways to acquire new job skills in Middle Tennessee



To get ahead in your career, you must never stop learning.

But with the average cost of tuition and fees ranging from $9,000 to $30,000 per year, acquiring those skills in a college classroom is an extremely expensive proposition.

True, many fields require a 4-year degree. But, there are many other less-expensive ways to learn new skills that will make you more marketable and promotable. In fact, here are four free ways to re-skill in 2015:

1. Get trained on the job.

If you’re currently employed, let your manager know that you want to learn new job skills. Inquire about taking on additional responsibilities or getting cross-trained. Your initiative will make a positive impression on your manager.

As an alternative, consider asking your manager to pair you with a mentor. As an expert in his field, a mentor can help you assess your career goals and identify critical job skills you need to learn. Over time, he may be able to line up challenging projects or learning opportunities, so you can “stretch your wings” and broaden your skills inventory.

2. Start a “lunch and learn” group.

Lunch time is a great time to socialize and get away from work. But if you’re interested in advancing your career, lunch is a great time to learn. With your employer’s permission, organize a monthly educational session with co-workers from various departments. Each month, have one group member speak on a topic of his choice to educate and train other members. If you sign up just 11 other members, everybody gets a year’s worth of free training in exchange for conducting just one session!

3. Leverage online resources.

The web is full of countless free educational resources. From podcasts and how-to videos, to ebooks and online tutorials, you can acquire new skills virtually anytime, anywhere. Just be careful when selecting your training materials. Choose content that’s recent and presented by reputable industry sources. Once you find good resources, carve out small chunks of time to review them. If you’re focused and consistent, even two 15-minute training sessions a day will make a difference!

4. Work through a Murfreesboro employment agency like Wood Personnel.

Because each assignment offers a new environment and a fresh set of challenges, temporary work is a great way to quickly build new skills and advance your career. As you gain more experience working through Wood Personnel, you will make yourself more marketable. It’s like getting paid to acquire new job skills! Contact our Murfreesboro employment agency to register or search Middle Tennessee jobs here.