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4 Ways to Enhance Workplace Safety in Your Middle TN Organization



Workplace safety is a key concern for any Middle Tennessee business. Whether you work in a 50-year-old office or a state-of-the-art production facility, accidents, illnesses and injuries can occur anytime.

Over the past few years, we’ve written extensively on the topic of workplace safety. So today, we’ve gathered our best posts to help you create a safer work environment for your entire team – no matter what industry you’re in:

Tips for Creating a Safer Work Environment

The best way to prevent workers’ compensation claims? Avoid workplace injuries! This post outlines tips to create a safer work environment, such as: keeping work spaces as clean as possible; properly planning jobs; reminding employees to follow established procedures for safe work; encouraging staff to report dangerous conditions; and enforcing formal workplace safety policies and procedures.

Is Your Middle TN Business Up-to-Speed on OSHA’s New Rules?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration updated its recordkeeping rules on January 1, 2015. The revisions significantly expanded the rule’s reach, while creating additional employer requirements for reporting workplace injuries and illnesses. This post summarizes the changes to the regulations and provides ways to work with Wood Personnel to create a safer work environment.

Job Safety: 8 Practical Tips You Can Use Today

Give the importance of job safety, you should take advantage of every opportunity to protect your workers – including the gear they wear. This post contains smart ideas for ensuring the personal protective equipment (PPE) your workers use is safe, comfortable and appropriate for the job.

Co-Employment, Workplace Safety or Employee Classification Concerns?

You can’t get your work done without the help of great people. Often, an experienced Cool Springs employment agency like Wood Personnel can provide flexible access to qualified people who can lend a hand when things get busy. But just like your direct employees, contingent workers need to stay safe on the job, too. This post covers a range of legal considerations with regards to temporary employees (including workplace safety), to help you better understand key co-employment issues.

Safety Starts with You

As the employer, workplace safety starts with you. So create the right culture. Share the information in these posts to educate everyone within your organization. By increasing involvement at all levels, you’ll reduce injuries and claims, improve morale and increase productivity. That’s good for everyone!

Looking for additional ways to enhance workplace safety in your Middle TN organization?

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