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Summer is Just Around the Corner. What’s your plan?



For many Middle Tennessee employers, summer is a busy time of year. June, July and August are also peak vacation months – meaning that many employees will be requesting time off.

So, what’s your plan (your seasonal workforce plan, that is!)?

The companies with a sound workforce plan will ultimately come out on top. Here’s why:

  • A “band-aid” approach can hurt your company. Overtime may be a good short-term option for handling a surge in business. But requiring existing employees to work longer hours for a prolonged period can lead to job burnout, increased errors, lower productivity and higher turnover.
  • The job market is tight. Competition for the best seasonal workers is already heating up! Companies that begin recruiting now for summer openings will have a decided advantage.
  • It may take longer to find the people you need. With fewer qualified candidates available, you may need to invest more time and resources to find people who can really do the job.

If you need additional staff this summer, get your seasonal workforce plan in shape now. Here are a few tips from Wood Personnel:

Recruit from a variety of sources.

Job postings are great, but they’re not your only source for qualified candidates:

  • Contact former seasonal workers. These people know your company, understand your workflow processes and may be interested in working for you again. Don’t forget to Contact Wood Personnel to request specific temporaries who performed well for you in the past.
  • Work your referrals. Ask existing employees, vendors and clients if they know people who may be interested in seasonal positions.
  • Go social. Facebook and Twitter are great vehicles for posting jobs, and they provide an easy way for contacts in your network to share your posting with other potential candidates.

Partner with Wood Personnel.

We maintain a diverse database of qualified candidates who are ready to work and prefer seasonal, part-time or short-term assignments. We handle all of the recruiting, interviewing and background checks you require, so you can stay focused during your busy season.

If your business is cyclical or experiences frequent variations in demand, invite one of our staffing experts in to:

  • tour your location, so he can develop a first-hand understanding of your work environment and staffing requirements;
  • examine your work cycles and identify peak demand periods;
  • propose ways for using contingent staff to handle your busiest times.

Together, you can develop a strategic plan for accommodating business fluctuations – making you more efficient, productive and profitable.

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