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Interviewing for Middle TN Jobs? Steer clear of interviewer’s top 4 pet peeves



Want to really drive your interviewer nuts?

Of course not – you want the job!

But sometimes, qualified candidates unwittingly ruin their chances by making small mistakes that irritate the hiring manager.

How can you avoid those missteps? Today, Wood Personnel shares 4 pet peeves that can drive interviewers nuts – so you’re sure to stay in the hiring manager’s good graces during your next job interview:

1. Not being so good at saying what you want (either with your mouth or your body).

Clear communication (unlike the subhead above) is an essential way to demonstrate your intelligence, confidence and suitability for a job. Make sure you communicate effectively, both verbally and nonverbally:

  • Use correct grammar. Avoid saying things like “I seen a guy” or “expecially.”
  • Suppress nervous habits. Biting nails, playing with hair and tapping feet all fall into this category – and all get on employers’ nerves.
  • Sit up straight. Few things say “I don’t give a hoot about this job” more than slouching.
  • Speak clearly. When we get nervous, most of us increase our rate of speech – and make sloppy errors. Slow your speech so that you don’t trip over your words or continually use words such as “um” or “like,” which are just verbal crutches that give your brain more time to think.

If you struggle in any of these areas, practice with a friend or family member to develop new habits that make a more positive impression.

2. Disrespecting his time.

It goes without saying that you should never be late to an interview. But arriving more than 10 minutes early? That can set an interviewer off just as much. Why? If a recruiter knows you’re waiting for him, it puts unnecessary pressure on him to finish what he’s doing (which is probably something important). He may feel guilty about making you wait, or he may be frustrated with you because you put that pressure on him.

The simple fix? If you arrive early, don’t go into the building until 10 minutes before your scheduled interview.

3. Over-sharing.

Your interviewer definitely wants to learn about your experience and background. He may even ask you a personal question or two to establish rapport. But while it’s certainly appropriate to speak about non-work interests, don’t over-share. Be friendly. Be conversational. But when in doubt, it’s best to just leave it out!

4. Not minding your manners.

Good manners aren’t just for the dinner table. When you’re looking for work, being polite demonstrates your professionalism interest in the job. So at the beginning and at the end of your interview, make a point of thanking the hiring manager for the time and opportunity.  Then, top it off by sending a hand-written note.

Small things really can make a big difference.

Sometimes in your job search, little details can make the difference between being passed over and getting the offer. Our Cool Springs employment agency is here to help you stand out, make a great impression and land the job you want! Contact your local Wood Personnel office for more information or search Middle TN jobs here.

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