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Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search? Mind your manners!



Etiquette used to be so simple:

Close your mouth when you chew.

Always send a thank-you note.

Don’t interrupt your parents while they’re speaking.

Today, however, the “rules of engagement” have become much more complex. Digital communication, in particular, has given rise to an entirely new set of online etiquette rules. So if you’re using LinkedIn for your job search, be sure to mind your manners. Here are 6 quick tips from our Murfreesboro employment agency to help you make a great impression:

  1. Manage your privacy settings. If you’re currently employed and searching for a new job, be careful not to raise suspicions with your current employer. Use LinkedIn’s Privacy Controls (under Privacy & Settings) to prevent all of those profile edits and announcements about companies you’ve recently started following from showing up on your boss’ feed of updates.
  2. Personalize connection requests. Which would you rather get from a colleague: “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn,” or: “Hi, Sam! Congratulations on your promotion. Can’t wait to see what you accomplish in your new role!”? Tailored messages make people feel special – and that special feeling can ultimately open doors for you in your career.
  3. Choose a professional profile picture. One study by a major job site found that recruiters spend nearly 20% of their time on your profile looking at your picture (which is more time than they spend looking at your skills or older work experiences!). When taking your profile photo, make sure you’re the only subject. Use a neutral background, wear work-appropriate clothing and strike a professional pose.
  4. Always say “please” and “thank you.” Whether you’re connecting in person or online, good manners DO matter.
  5. Only send a connection request from the individual’s profile. If you’re scrolling through LinkedIn’s list of “People You May Know,” you’ll likely see people you want to connect with. It may be tempting to click that little blue “Connect” button, but don’t do it. Navigate to the person’s profile before you connect, so you can customize your invitation.
  6. Share the right amount of information. Use the Goldilocks approach when updating, sharing and engaging on LinkedIn. Make sure you post enough information on LinkedIn so that a recruiter sees that you stay up on trends and take an proactive approach to your professional development. Be careful, however, not to clog up connections’ feeds with continual self-promotion and pointless activity. Doing so may prompt people to block you.

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