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Managing Temporary Employees? Here’s how to get more out of them

Life is what you make of it.

And, in many ways, so is temporary staffing!

As a manager, there’s a ton you can do to improve the performance and retention of your temporary employees. Manage them correctly and you can:

  • get higher discretionary effort from them;
  • obtain their insights and new ideas;
  • get them to not only “meet your expectations,” but really improve your bottom line.

Ready to learn how? Today, our Lebanon staffing service shares tips for managing temporary employees smarter – and realizing even better results.


Help your staffing service select the best candidates for your needs by providing comprehensive job descriptions, clear performance expectations and guidelines for a good culture fit.


To ensure your temporary workers get off to a great start, roll out the red carpet:

  • Let the staffing firm handle paperwork ahead of time – so their employees can get to work quickly.
  • Set up and stock work stations before temporaries arrive.
  • Inform your direct employees. Explain how and why you’re bringing in temporary support. This will ensure that temporaries support your direct employees’ work and that temporary workers are viewed as allies, not threats to core employees’ job security.
  • Provide an office or facilities tour. Show temporary staff that you respect them by giving them a “lay of the land” and making appropriate introductions.
  • Do more than just describe job duties. Let your temporary employees know how to get questions answered, what support services are available and what to do if they finish their work early.


Boost performance by engaging your temporary employees and creating the right conditions for their success. Include them in relevant communications. Incentivize them, when appropriate. Encourage them to beat the performance or quality standards you set for your direct staff. And don’t forget their human side; recognizing temporaries for their hard work means as much to them as it does to your core employees.

Final Thoughts

Intelligently managing temporary employees is good business. When you create an environment in which contingent workers thrive, feel engaged and are motivated to give their best effort, they’ll reward your organization with even better performance.

Looking for more tips for managing temporary employees?

Check out our earlier post on how to get better staffing results. Then, give Wood Personnel a call to find out how we can help you meet your business goals for 2016.