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Think temporary work is just for “losers” who “can’t find a real job”?

That temporary assignments are dead ends?

That you can’t really get full-time hours as a temporary employee?

Think again – because the numbers paint a very different picture. Every few years, the American Staffing Association (ASA) surveys temporary and contract workers around the country. The results of their latest survey, conducted in 2014, convey several very powerful truths (and dispel common misconceptions) about working through a staffing firm.

Let’s take a look at some of the survey’s highlights:

Temporary and contract work “bridges the gap” to direct employment.

  • In fact, 99% of staffing employees who want permanent jobs achieve their objective!

Bridging to direct jobs is the primary reason people choose temporary or contract work.

Top 4 reasons for choosing temporary or contract work:

  • 49% It’s a way to get a permanent job
  • 40% Was unable to find a permanent job
  • 28% To obtain work experience
  • 24% To improve skills

Temporary or contract work makes staffing personnel more employable.

  • 62% Developed new or improved work skills
  • 59% Strengthened their resume
  • 59% Received on-the-job experience
  • 49% Got their foot in the door for a permanent job
  • 38% Gained self-confidence

Three out of four (76%) of staffing employees work full-time.

That’s about the same as the overall U.S. labor force!

  • Staffing employees: 76% full-time (ASA Staffing Employee Survey, 2014)
  • U.S. labor force: 82% full-time (BLS Current Population Survey, 2013)

Looking for a full-time job in Middle Tennessee?

Let our Cool Springs employment agency bridge the gap for you – by starting you on a temporary assignment. While you’re on the job:

  • Treat the assignment just like a direct job.
  • Choose assignments in companies and positions that you’d like to work in full-time.
  • Always work to your full potential and display a great attitude (even if you’re a little outside your comfort zone).
  • Try to fit in, by adopting the company’s culture.
  • Dress the part (or even a notch above).
  • Make your desire for direct employment known to your Wood Personnel recruiter, as well as your assignment supervisor.


Working on assignment allows you to see what it’s like working for a prospective employer, while showcasing your skills. Then, if the client is impressed with your job performance, they can work with us to transition you to direct employment.

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Statistics were taken from Staffing Success, an article summarizing results of the 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey. Administered by Penn Shoen Berland on behalf of ASA, the survey was conducted with 11,969 current and former temporary or contract employees who had worked for 275 staffing companies.