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Summer’s Nearly Here. What are you going to do with your kids?

School’s almost out for summer.

What’s your game plan for your kids?

Let’s face it. With a lot more free time available, your children will be looking for things to do (especially while you’re at work!). Use these ideas from our Lebanon staffing service to keep your kids busy, happy, learning and productive this summer:

When a Relative, Friend or Sitter is Minding Your Kids

  1. Put a new spin on old attractions. Zoos, museums and public parks are recreation-time staples for most families with children. But if your kids have been to those places a ton of times already, put a fresh spin on the adventure. The night before, make a list of trivia facts that can be answered during your kids’ excursion. Or, if your kids are too young to read, provide sketchpads for them to take along and draw pictures of what they see. When you get home, your kids can share their discoveries with you.
  2. Turn a lemonade stand into a learning experience. Instead of having your caretaker just send your kids to the curb with a pitcher, turn it into an opportunity to teach them about business (while still having fun, of course!). Have your kids start planning a few weeks out. Let them brainstorm a slogan, company name, pricing and financial projections to simulate a real business. Then, encourage them to create a simple advertising campaign, using MS Office sign templates or hand-drawn posters to spread the good word.
  3. Unleash your kids’ inner Spielberg. Have a smartphone, tablet or camcorder available? Then you have your kids’ next summer project lined up. Allow your kids to create a short movie about virtually anything that interests them. In the evenings, help them outline ideas for the script and shooting – and then have your caretaker oversee production during the days. They can cast neighborhood kids in supporting roles, and then use free editing software to transform their raw footage into a thriller, comedy, how-to video – or anything else their imaginations dream up.
  4. Plant a summer garden. The experience of planning, planting, tending and then enjoying the harvest of a family garden is incredibly rewarding. It teaches children patience, care, the joy of nurturing, and practical life skills. Scale the project to fit your time, space and budget. Options include: a full-fledged, fenced in vegetable, fruit and flower garden; potted plants and herbs; container flower gardening; and even hydroponics. You’re limited only by your resources and imagination! Throughout the summer, your kids will literally see the fruits of their labor come to life, and they’ll learn a thing or two about caring for plants and our planet along the way.

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