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Hiring for Fit in Nashville

How are cowboy boots and employees alike?

Fit is critical!

When it comes to determining how well boots fit, all you really need to do is try them on and walk around for a little while. But when it comes to assessing a candidate’s fit within your Middle TN organization, things are a bit more complicated. Obviously, you need to make sure the candidate has the right skills, experience and qualifications. Beyond these basics, however, what else can you do to ensure an individual has “the right stuff” to thrive in your culture?

Start by asking great interview questions.

To help, our Nashville recruiters assembled this list of questions to gauge a candidate’s work style and determine cultural fit – before you extend an offer:

How would you describe your ideal work environment?

Individuals’ personal work environment preferences vary dramatically. While one candidate may like schedules and a structured work environment, another may prefer more freedom and less oversight. Some like to be out in the field and travel for work; others prefer to stay inside their office, warehouse or store.

Detail the work environment associated with your available role, and gauge each interviewee’s response against it. Look for responses that align with the most important aspects of the position’s environment.

Describe your typical work day.

Does your interviewee dive right into work as soon as he comes in, or is he a planner and list-maker? Does he schedule his meetings, email checking and work tasks in blocks of time – or take things as they come? The way your candidate approaches his day speaks volumes about his work style. Look for evidence that his level of planning, organization and thought processes align with the role and your culture.

What’s your biggest motivator at work?

This question will help you understand what makes this employee want to do a good job. Some may be motivated purely by money, but others may find fulfillment in creative problem-solving or knowing that their work improves the lives of others. Look for candidates whose motivators are compatible with your organizational culture.

How do you prefer to communicate with others?

Again, communication methods and preferences vary widely from person to person. At the same time, the communication requirements of positions within your organization may differ dramatically. By understanding an individual’s preferred methods – email, instant messaging, phone or in-person – you can prevent poor hiring decisions that may lead to communication breakdowns, and ultimately, turnover.

What hours are you accustomed to working?

Does your candidate leave at 5 on the dot? Take work home with him? Answer emails over the weekend? Make sure there’s a good fit between his work style and the job’s requirements – especially if overtime, evening or weekend work is required.

Looking for the Best-Fit Candidates in Nashville?

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