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Your Recruiting Magnet: How to Strengthen and Protect Your Employment Brand

Want to attract more A-level talent?

Create a more powerful recruiting magnet – by strengthening your employment brand.

In a tight candidate market, your employment brand is more important than ever. Below, our Nashville employment agency reviews the best ways to build – and protect – yours, so you can attract the best active and passive talent in Middle Tennessee:

Make sure everyone understands and conveys the same message.

Your branding message is much stronger when it’s unified. Make sure that every individual who interacts with potential candidates in a consistent manner:

  • Review your mission, vision and branding objectives.
  • Know what makes your organization a great place to work. Think: what sets us apart?
  • Train everyone on best practices for engaging with job seekers online, in person and over the phone.
  • Be realistic. Job seekers don’t want a romanticized view of your organization; they want the truth. Make sure everyone who interacts with potential candidates conveys what your company really is (and not just what it wants to be someday).

Go social.

Your job seekers use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day. Promote your brand where talented people spend their time! If you’re new to social media, start small. Build a complete profile on one social media platform to “test the waters,” and then replicate your efforts on others as you gain experience. Here are a few tactics to try:

  • Think visual. Photos, slide shares and videos are infinitely more engaging on social media than plain text.
  • Get personal. Testimonials or mini case-studies about successful employees are a great way to “pull back the curtain” and show what it’s really like to work for your organization.
  • Remain consistent. While each platform requires a slightly different approach, be sure that what you share aligns with your employment brand message.
  • Post relevant content. Make sure that what you share is truly interesting for your target audience. If you need help coming up with ideas, ask your employees – or check out what your competitors are doing.

Defend what you’ve built.

Once you’ve established a great employment brand, protect what’s yours!

  • Regularly check sites with review features like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Facebook to see what applicants, candidates and employees say about your company. Make sure you read all the reviews (not just the positive ones) to get a clear picture.
  • Improve the issues you can. While a single negative review is not necessarily cause for alarm, keep an eye out for recurring themes. Then, determine which of those issues you may be able to remedy – and focus on fixing those. Over time, even small improvements could make a big impact on your brand.
  • Actively solicit positive reviews. The best way to counteract a negative review is with several glowing ones. Systematically protect your employment brand by continually soliciting positive reviews, testimonials and success stories.

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