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Is this the right job for me

Yikes – Is This the Right Job for Me?

You’re really excited – and with good reason!

You just walked out of a terrific interview. The hiring manager sang your praises, and you nailed every question. And the job? It sounds like it was made for you…

…so what’s with that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach? Maybe you’re trying to look past one of these warning signs that your “dream job” is actually with a nightmare employer:

  • Unprofessional communication. The way you are treated during the hiring process is likely the way you’ll be treated as a employee. Once you’ve started interacting with the hiring manager, pay attention to how respectful, timely and personalized communications are. If your emails and phone calls go unreturned, take note – it could be a sign of company-wide communication issues.
  • Scary search results. Most employers will work to ensure that their top search results are positive. But to get the full story, you need to go beyond the first page. Dig a little deeper to find out how happy employees are with the company and how the business handles customer complaints online.
  • Unprepared interviewer. You’ve done your due diligence in preparing for your interview; your hiring manager should have, too. If he gives you a “deer in the headlights” look or evades specific questions you pose, it could be cause for concern. The right employer should: have a clear vision for your potential role; be able to explain how your job performance will be measured; and clarify the impact your position will have on achieving company goals.
  • Bad vibes in the waiting room. Pay careful attention to what you see going on around you. Note the attitudes and interactions of the workers you observe, as well as the overall environment. How do the people and physical space make you feel? Is the place clean and inviting – or dirty and in a state of disrepair? Is there a vibrant hum of activity – or is it a three-ring circus? Are employees smiling and engaged – or looking a little haggard? Pay attention to these details; they can provide a wealth of insight about a company’s overall health and culture.
  • They want to hire you on the spot. Some seasonal jobs don’t require a lot of experience, but desperation on the employer’s part can definitely be a warning signal. A responsible manager looking to make a full-time hire should request references from you and contact them before extending an offer.

If you encounter one of these employer “red flags,” you may want to do some more research before proceeding any further with the recruiting process. Check out GlassDoor, Angie’s list, Yelp! or other reviews on social media, and see what you can learn about your potential new boss on LinkedIn (as well as through Google). You’ll spend, on average, about 7.5 hours each day at this company. Make sure the job, the culture and the organization are right for you!

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