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Employee Retention? There’s an App for That

Noticing disengaged employees? Falling productivity? Increasing turnover?

Then you probably realize you have a problem at work. And you probably also realize that, if you ask your employees what’s wrong, you’ll likely hear something like:

“Nothing – everything’s fine.”

It’s frustrating, but can you blame them? Face-to-face, employees may be too intimidated to give candid feedback, opting to stay silent instead. But that silence is dangerous. To identify issues that drive good employees out the door, you have to uncover the truth. And thankfully, there’s an app for that.

Mobile employee feedback apps provide a host of advantages as employee retention tools:

  • They’re convenient. Employees can submit feedback any time of day or night, right from their mobile device.
  • They’re anonymous. Employees can freely speak their mind without worrying about negative repercussions or office politics.
  • They’re unfiltered. Anonymity generally yields more honest feedback, which could help you identify issues you didn’t even know existed.
  • They’re continuous. Unlike annual performance reviews, feedback apps provide an ongoing way for employees to share concerns immediately – instead of holding onto negative feelings for months.
  • They turn disengaged employees into change advocates. By taking employees’ feedback to heart and using it to drive positive change, you make employees feel more actively involved in improving the organization.
  • They minimize negative online reviews. When employees have an internal outlet for grievances, they’re less likely to vent on sites like Glassdoor.com.
  • They can be used for recognition. A well-designed app solicits both negative and positive feedback. Employees can use the channel as a way to thank and recognize teammates for their hard work – and that feedback can be shared internally.
  • They allow for prompt response. If HR notices a sudden drop in satisfaction, they can take immediate action – before small issues mushroom into big problems.

Thinking of adding an employee feedback app?

Keep these considerations in mind:

  • Develop several different sets of questions to rotate throughout the weeks, months or your busiest times of year. Doing so will keep the channel fresh and encourage ongoing employee input.
  • Don’t launch an app unless you have a plan for monitoring and acting on feedback. If employees realize they’re “shouting into a void,” they’ll stop using it.
  • Keep the app as simple as possible. By reducing “friction,” you increase the likelihood employees will use it regularly.
  • Include questions to gauge how effective your feedback system is. Use that input to increase the value and effectiveness of the tool.

Improve employee satisfaction and retention by providing the right staffing support.

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