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Move Over, Indeed – Facebook Jobs is Here

By now, you’ve probably heard the news: Facebook has launched a new feature that allows employers like you to post job openings on your company page. When users see a job opening, they can simply click “Apply Now” and send you an application directly from the social media platform.

Neat concept, but is it a tool your Middle Tennessee business can really use?

The short answer? It depends.

Below, our Lebanon staffing firm covers the basics you need to know to use Facebook Jobs, and explains why it may or may not be a welcome addition to your hiring toolbox.

Wait – I don’t see a Jobs tab on my page.

First off, Facebook is still in the process of rolling out this new feature. If it hasn’t been added to your company page yet, you’ll either need to be patient or find a 3rd party vendor to add this functionality.

How do Facebook Jobs listings work?

Assuming your page has a “Jobs” tab, start by navigating to your company’s Facebook page. In the center portion of the screen, select “See All,” and then “Create a job post.” This will open a new dialogue box, where you can customize the available position. Fields to complete include:

  1. Introduction (optional)
  2. Photo
  3. Job Title
  4. Location
  5. Salary (optional)
  6. Job Type
  7. Description

Once you’ve customized these fields, select “Publish Jobs Post.” Facebook will then display a new dialogue window, walking you through the next steps of the process. When the job publishes, your posting will show up in friends’ and followers’ feeds (as Facebook’s algorithms deem appropriate). If a candidate wants to apply, they can submit their application through Messenger, or you can adjust settings so that applications are forwarded directly to an email address.

Of course, Facebook wants to monetize this feature, so you can pay to amp up your posting’s exposure to users outside of your network as a targeted advertisement.

So, does this mean I can stop using Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and staffing firms?

Probably not. Here’s why:

  1. Many people go to great lengths to protect their personal social profile from being spied on by hiring managers. Applying directly through Facebook could make it easy for employers like you to dig around in a potential candidate’s social footprint, deterring them from using the Jobs feature.
  2. Due to its lack of functionality for tagging, sorting or tracking incoming applications, Facebook Jobs is much better suited for “one-off” job postings than it is for volume hiring needs.
  3. Facebook could fill a void for you to connect with hourly, entry-level or passive job seekers who are researching “who’s hiring.” Having focused on encouraging its users to build robust online resumes and portfolios, however, LinkedIn has already cornered the market on medium and high-skilled, full-time roles.
  4. The recruiting features platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn offer are always changing – rapidly. To keep up with those advances, your team has to be tech-savvy and vigilant. A great way to stay at the leading edge is by working with a staffing firm. Beyond knowing the smartest places to post your jobs, a qualified staffing partner connects you with their vast candidate pool. They deliver the best and brightest people, without your team having to spend time and money to navigate and master social media recruiting.


Give our Lebanon staffing firm, or your local Wood Personnel office, a call. We’ll shorten your search, improve candidate quality and keep your team focused on what they do best.