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Would You Try THAT?! Unconventional Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

Call them “out of the box.” Call them “unconventional.” Call them “strange.”

However you choose to describe these productivity boosters, one thing is sure: they’ll go a long way toward refreshing, refocusing and re-energizing your team (especially during a summer productivity slump).

Get Visual.

  • Try color therapy. Research shows that the color yellow positively affects productivity and concentration by decreasing melatonin (a sleep hormone). Paint an accent wall yellow or provide yellow coffee mugs for your employees.
  • Increase the cuteness factor. One university study showed that simply looking at images of adorable baby animals improves focus. In fact, the effect is so dramatic that it lasts long after employees return to “less adorable” job tasks.
  • Leverage blue light. Those same wavelengths from screens that doctors tell you to avoid prior to bedtime can be used to improve productivity in your workplace. Blue-colored light suppresses melatonin production, enhancing alertness. Caution employees against turning screen display brightness all the way up, however, as it can increase eye strain.

Encourage Daydreaming.

It sounds crazy. After all, conventional wisdom dictates keeping employees “on-task” and “focused,” right? Well, some research shows that periodically allowing employees to let their minds wander can boost overall productivity. Case in point? Major-league employers like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn all build “goof-off time” into their employees’ schedules. Here’s why daydreaming works:

  • It provides a mini “mental vacation.” A brief break gives employees’ brains a recovery period to boost focus, attention and productivity.
  • It activates the brain. Daydreaming may seem like a passive activity, but the brain is actually extremely active during a daydream – especially the areas associated with imagination and creativity.
  • It alleviates “tunnel vision.” When employees’ minds are free to wander, they can access memories more easily, brainstorm ideas and gain a broader perspective of their work.

Fuel Employees’ Brains.

To keep your team performing at their peak, give them adequate time to eat, as well as healthy food options:

  • Discourage the working lunch. Having employees eat at their desks may seem like a productivity boon, but it makes getting proper nutrition a challenge.  Encourage your team members to take a real lunch break.
  • Provide healthy choices. When you’re treating the team to lunch or stocking vending machines, offer less-processed foods that are high in antioxidants and protein (both of which are essential for proper cognitive functioning). Pizza and donuts may provide short-term satisfaction, but foods like chicken, almonds and fruit will boost long-term performance.

Looking for ways to improve your team’s productivity?

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