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Check it at the Door: Leave Work Stress Where it Belongs – at Work!

No matter what industry or field you’re in every job comes with stress (that’s why they call it “work”).

But, while a certain amount of work-related stress is to be expected, too much can have a negative impact on your job performance and health, not to mention your professional and personal relationships.

If you’re the type of person who struggles to unwind and disconnect at the end of the day, today’s post is for you. Below, our Gallatin employment agency shares tips to leave work worries where they belong – at work:

  • Set yourself up for a productive morning. Before you leave work for the day, determine what you need to accomplish tomorrow. Lay out your top three to five priorities, and then plan to “eat your biggest frog” in the morning, before things get too hectic. With a clear plan for the following day, it’ll be easier for you to shift your focus to your personal life.
  • Create a buffer zone. Build in a short period when you get home from work to relax, recover and reset your stress level. Stretching, breathing, meditation and reflection are all good options; do what works best for you.
  • Set limits for your off-hours accessibility. Technology is great, but tools like email, smart phones and cloud computing have transformed the traditional 8-hour work day into a 24/7 one. Give yourself permission to set limits on your techno-availability. Designate a time to power down your laptop, phone or tablet – and stick to it. Establishing these boundaries will prevent work from leaking into other areas of your life, and ultimately lower your stress level.
  • Break a sweat – outside. Exercise is an effective antidote to stress, and doing so in fresh air is a great way to clear your mind. On days you have trouble disconnecting, take a brisk walk or run. Use all of your senses to be in the moment and move on to the next phase of your evening.
  • Do something you love. When you have a positive activity to look forward to at the end of the day – whether it’s pursuing a hobby, spending time with friends or family, volunteering, cooking or just curling up with a good book – it’s easier for your brain to switch out of work mode. If work stress tends to creep into your consciousness during the evening hours, engage your mind and body in something that’s fun and productive.

Current job too stressful? Stressed about being out of work? Let’s change that.

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