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Not Loving Your Job? Here’s What to Do

Work is great when it’s great.

But when the hours are tough? The pay isn’t enough? Or your co-workers are a nightmare?

You still have to show up and give it your all.

If you seem to be having more bad days than good lately, it may be time to look for new jobs in Murfreesboro, Nashville or other parts of Middle Tennessee. But in the meantime, you need to make the best of your situation.

If you’re not loving your job, here are a few positive steps you can take:

Adjust your attitude.

You may be unhappy or frustrated, but you choose your attitude at work. Resolve not to let a negative mindset make an already challenging situation even tougher. Remember, employers want to hire and promote amazing employees. A positive attitude will serve you well in your current role and help you perform well during upcoming interviews.

Make a list of the positive aspects of the job.

Sure, there are aspects of your position you dislike. With a little effort, however, you can probably generate a list of things you like, too. Are the hours flexible? Are the perks decent? Do you have any co-workers you like and can rely upon? Is the commute decent? Write up a list of the pros and display them somewhere you’ll see them frequently. When you’re having a bad day, remind yourself of these positive aspects.

Have a meeting with your boss.

While we’re not recommending you corner your supervisor with a laundry list of complaints, having a candid conversation about your workload, responsibilities and/or work conditions can be productive – if you approach it respectfully and professionally. Instead of griping:

  • Review a list of job responsibilities you’re better suited and qualified for – and ask if you could work toward taking more of those on.
  • Discuss ways to better manage an overwhelming workload.
  • Talk about where you see yourself in the company six months or a year from now.
  • Ask for advice on handling challenging situations or co-workers.

The key is to keep your conversation positive, action-oriented and focused on the future.

Brainstorm solutions.

Your boss will be much more receptive to making the changes you need if you focus on creative solutions. For example, if you’re bored to tears, discuss options for taking on more challenging duties. If the commute is killing you, discuss the possibility of telecommuting a day or two each week, or shifting your start and stop times to avoid rush hour. A positive mindset and a few small changes can make a big impact on your job satisfaction.

Launch your search for a better job.

If, despite your best efforts, you’re unable to improve your work situation, begin looking for a new job. With better prospects on your horizon, you will be better equipped to tolerate your current job.

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