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3 Habits to Ignite Your Job Search or Career

Want to transition from temporary to direct employee?

Want to earn that promotion?

Want to finally land your dream job?

Adopting better habits is the key to career success.

Over time, systematically replacing bad habits with better ones can dramatically improve any aspect of your life – especially your career. In this recent post, “Teach Yourself a New Trick,” we shared six tips for adopting healthier, more productive behaviors to improve your professional life. Today we’re building off that concept, sharing specific habits you can instill to ignite your job search or career:

Habit 1: Dress for the job you want.

  • Lounging around in your pajamas while you’re out of work? It sounds tempting, but it isn’t likely to light a fire in your belly. If you’re conducting a job search online, get dressed and ready, just as if you’d be reporting for a day of work. It’ll improve your attitude and focus.
  • Angling for a promotion? Dress like people who work in the role you want.
  • Want to turn your assignment into a permanent job? Dress like you belong there. It’ll help you fit in, feel more confident and send the message that you take your assignment seriously (and that you should be taken seriously, too!).

Habit 2: Be optimistic.

When faced with any challenge, it’s easy to fall victim to negative thoughts or engage in negative self-talk: “I’m not good enough for that job.” “This will never work because (insert excuse).”

Instead of complaining or focusing on downsides, make a conscious choice to approach each situation constructively. Any given application, interview or assignment could lead to your dream job, and optimism sets the stage for great work relationships. And on the flip side, research shows that more than 6 in 10 (62%) of employers are less likely to promote employees who have a negative attitude.

Habit 3: Be humble.

While it’s important to be confident in your abilities and show what you know, be careful not to push the envelope too far. Nobody is an expert at everything, and overselling your skills, knowledge or experience will eventually make you look foolish. Instead of being a “know it all”:

  • Find a tactful way to share your ideas, especially if you’re new to a team. Knowledge, enthusiasm and humility make a winning combination.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t have all the answers. Owning your weaknesses builds authenticity and sets the stage for team problem-solving (which is great for strengthening work relationships and building your reputation as a valuable team player).

These habits are simple – but they work! And it you’re looking for more ways to launch your career or find great jobs in Middle Tennessee, connect with one of our Cool Springs recruiters. We’ll provide the advice and opportunities you need to achieve your career goals.