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What’re You Listening To? Best Podcasts for Middle TN Business Professionals

Looking for interesting new ways to:

  • maximize your leadership potential?
  • hone your management skills?
  • engage, motivate and bring out the best in your team members?

Then grab your earbuds, turn up your speakers, and tap the power of podcasts as an educational medium.

Why podcasts?

Podcasts are rapidly gaining momentum as an engaging – and convenient – tool for training, education and even entertainment. They’re ideal for

  • Listening on the go, or anytime you have a few minutes of downtime;
  • Learning while you perform other tasks with your hands and eyes (e.g., driving, filing or even eating lunch);
  • Engaging your brain differently than visual content. Silence, pauses and human voices make learning captivating by tapping distinct neural pathways.

Looking for great podcasts?

Our Murfreesboro staffing experts have scoured the internet to compile this list of the best podcasts for Middle Tennessee business professionals. Give one a listen and get ready to learn:

Tennessee Center for Family Business’ Family Business Today Podcast

With a mission of “help(ing) families deal with the unique challenges of working together in a family business and planning for a successful transition,” the Tennessee Center for Family Business seeks to help Tennessee family business owners grow and prosper by addressing the specific issues they face. Their podcast features one-on-one interviews with successful professionals who share practical advice and truly interesting stories about “life in the trenches” as a family business owner.

Business and Technology in Tennessee with Josh Davis

One of three podcast series produced by InfoSystems, Josh’s podcast discusses technologies that impact Tennessee businesses and communities. Episodes are designed to help company leaders understand technologies that may impact their business, avoid predatory sales tactics from technology providers, and gain perspective about IT skills needed to deploy and manage technologies.

Nashville Entrepeneur Center’s EC Podcast

This podcast isn’t live just yet, but you can sign up to be notified when it launches. Episodes will tap the knowledge of entrepreneurs and business experts who share best-practices that have yielded great results in Nashville and beyond. We’re really excited to listen in!

What Great Bosses Know

While this podcast isn’t produced locally, the educational themes – which include leadership, communication and trust – are valuable to anyone who wants to grow as a business professional. Hosted by Jill Geisler, a management, leadership and news media expert who teaches at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication, each episode provides practical lessons for managers who want to be great bosses – by building essential skills that drive peak performance in their employees.

Another way to improve your effectiveness as a professional?

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