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Finish Strong! How Your Staffing Partner Can Help You Have an Amazing 4th Quarter

Labor Day has come and gone. Footballs are flying across fields everywhere. And kiddos are back in school.

Yep, it’s definitely September in Middle Tennessee.

As another summer draws to a close, businesses throughout our region are setting their sights on tackling their Q4 objectives – and Wood Personnel is ready to help.

Whether your organization is:

  • nearing peak production season;
  • struggling to hire qualified candidates;
  • up against tight deadlines;
  • facing heightened pressure to meet year-end projections;
  • or wants to prime itself for innovation in the year ahead…

…our solutions provide the resources and support you need to achieve your goals.

Ready to have an amazing 4th quarter?

Here are a few of the ways our staffing and placement services can help you finish the year strong – and set your business up for a profitable 2019:

Tackle special projects.

Bring in temporary employees or contractors to help complete your project, or to support the people working on it.

Fill tough jobs.

Have low unemployment, high turnover and specialized skills made certain roles tougher to staff? We can shorten your search for qualified workers – and keep position vacancies from slowing you down, stressing your staff and sabotaging your profits.

Manage year-end spikes in seasonal demand.

Temporary employees can supply the extra help you need to handle business surges during peak periods.

Allow your core team to use accrued vacation.

Our temporaries are ready to fill in for your direct employees and keep your business humming, so your team can take the well-deserved time off they’ve earned.

Meet tight end-of-year deadlines.

Let us provide specialized, trained temporaries to increase your capacity and complete work on-time and on-budget.

Avoid wasting time on non-critical activities.

Outsource non-core business activities to us, to improve your focus and free up core employees’ time.

Fast-track key hires.

The hiring process takes considerable time to manage. Our direct placement services accelerate the hiring cycle and minimize disruption to your business, by offloading time-consuming activities like screening resumes and conducting preliminary interviews to experienced recruiters. We can even provide a temporary employee to fill in until you’ve located a suitable replacement.

Test new concepts.

Want to try out a new service concept or launch a new product in the year ahead? Bring in qualified resources on a temporary or project basis to free up your team’s time for greater innovation.

Check off lingering to-dos.

Have a long list of end-of-year to-dos that you don’t have the capacity to get done? Let us help you close out nagging projects – and start next year with a clean slate.

Finish 2018 strong!

Get more done – while keeping an eye on the bottom line – with support from Wood Personnel. Contact our Murfreesboro staffing agency – or your local Wood Personnel office – for a free workforce analysis today.