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Take a Day Off – Every Week?!

Work longer and harder and you’ll achieve more – right?

Maybe…but maybe not.

Hard work is important to success, but research suggests time off is just as important. Recent discoveries in neuroscience show that when your are resting, a part of your brain called the “default mode network” goes into overdrive. This part of the brain makes sense of your experiences and allows you to form more complex patterns of thought.

In other words, if you don’t give your brain a break, you’re robbing yourself of opportunities to gain deeper understanding of your experiences.

Proponents of a four-day workweek have latched onto this concept, and with good reason: success in today’s information economy requires you to be more creative and innovative. By taking a purposeful pause each week, you free your brain to make new associations and uncover deeper insights that may fuel higher performance.

Could a 4-day workweek work in your Middle TN organization?

Here are a few other business benefits taking a day off each week can afford:

  • Parkinson’s law works to your advantage. The adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” was conceived in response to the growth of organizational bureaucracy. But when work hours are limited, the opposite is true: With less time to work, there’s less time to waste – and you focus on what’s most important.
  • Less employee burnout. Having another day to spend with family and friends, or to pursue hobbies or education, can greatly improve work/life satisfaction, minimize call-offs and prevent burnout.
  • Better access to talent. Four-day weeks may allow you to attract and retain talented female workers who may otherwise opt out to have children.

For all the advantages, however, a shorter workweek has potential drawbacks as well. Small businesses, in particular, may struggle with staff scheduling to ensure adequate coverage. What’s more, adopting a 4/10 workweek (i.e., working a full 40 hours in 4 days instead of 5) may present challenges in roles that involve physical labor.

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